Color Palette – Green

If you plan on use green in your home’s decor scheme, know that there are numerous possibilities. There are many different variations of this hue that when used correctly can seamlessly blend in with your home’s decor.  As mother nature’s favorite color, green can be used anywhere in the home including on the walls, in your furnishing and as an accent piece. Here are some interesting ideas for a green color palette.



Pale Green as a Wall Color

Pale green also known as mint green is a fun color to use on the walls because it instantly adds a feminine flair. You can use such a color in any room of the house but it works best in areas such as the living room and bedroom. When using mint green as a wall color you can combine with another bold color palettes such as pink and yellow. Add some pattern for some additional spice.


Apple Green in Kitchen

Imagine apple green in your kitchen. Such a color will give your kitchen a unique and vibrant look. You can employ this color by painting your cabinets apple green. Whether you have an open or closed cabinetry setup this color will be the focal point of your kitchen.


Emerald Green as an Accent

Use a rich emerald variation of green in your furnishing so that it makes a room pop. For instance, in the dining area, you can swap out traditional wood chairs for an interesting look. You can revamp your old dining chairs by spray painting them the emerald hue.


Striped Lime Green Tiles

Who needs coffee when bold lime green tiles in your bathroom are enough to revive you especially in the morning. Floor to ceiling lime green tiles in the bathroom that’s even extended in the showers stall gives a look to the bathroom that you’ve probably never seen before.


Spring Green Walls In the Bedroom

Spring green is a great hue to use on your bedroom wall. When using spring green on the walls you can leave the ceilings white. Combined with a few accents of blue and orange will add interest around the entire room.


If you have any questions about your remodeling project, feel free to contact us!

Breathe Life Into a Neutral Palette

When designing a room, many people tend to stick to the comfort and ease of neutral colors. While an all neutral palette creates a space that is easy on the eyes, warm, and sophisticated, the neutrals can begin to wash out and the end result is a bland space. How can you successfully execute a neutral color scheme? Read on to find out.

  • Use variations of the neutral hue

If you’re afraid to design with color, try using different shades of the neutral color throughout the room. Yes, you’ll want to take a monochromatic approach. Whether the dominant color is green or taupe you can apply several undertones of the color. For example, in an olive green and taupe living room, you use the darkest of the shade on the windows. So might incorporate dark green drapes, a taupe couch with a mix of chocolate and light green pillows.  For a dramatic effect, contrast your couch with your coffee table and accessories by using either the darkest or lighter variation of the specific color.

  • Contrast with textures

Utilizing just one texture in a room of neutrals is guaranteed to make the design fall flat.  If you have a microfiber or suede couch then try adding hints of leather and matte textures. Light absorbs and reflects various textures differently. Try to use a mixture of high and low-quality textures.

  • Create interest with shapes

Since we’ve removed the color element from the design, it’s time to play around with shapes to really catch the attention of your guests. You might use side tables or an ottoman that features a unique shape. Chairs and sofas with details on the arm and legs also work.

  • Play with patterns

Don’t shy away from patterns. A large-scale pattern on the upholstery that features colors from your neutral palette allows you to stick to the theme while creating some visual interest. You can also use pattern pillows and textiles. You’ll notice that many pattern pieces also had different textures. Some have a shine to them while other is matte.

  • Mix up your neutrals

Brown, white, black are some colors that are part of a neutral palette. Try mixing in other neutrals and shades of this color to create a unique look.

We hope this quick tutorial helps with your decorating! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Creative Kitchen Ideas

Are you always looking for new and exciting ways to reorganize? Kitchens are one of the easiest rooms to reorganize. Your kitchen situation may often change depending on your buying habits and needs. Instead of sharing basic kitchen organization ideas, why not take it a step further with these creative kitchen ideas? If you are looking for fun ways to organize, you will want to stay tuned because we have five tips for you! 


Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Paint Your Wooden Utensils. Have you ever been digging through your utensil drawer trying to find the right spoon? If you find yourself constantly searching, you may benefit from painting the bottom of your wooden spoons. The key is to paint each utensil a different color. This way when you are making dinner, you know to grab the “dark green” wooden bottom. 

2. Switch Boxed Items to Jars. Not only will jars look more organized and sophisticated, but it can cut down on bulky items. Switch all your boxed items into glass jars for a clean, fun look. Just make sure to recycle the leftover boxes!

3. Hooks for Pans. A way to add uniqueness to your organization is to find antique hooks to hang your kitchen pots and pans. You can line the hooks on your kitchen walls and the pans can serve as decor pieces.

4. Display Your Dishes. What better way to force yourself to be organized than have all of your dishes on display? You can take the doors off of your cabinets and let the world see your dishes. For a creative twist, you can paint the inside of your cabinets fun colors. 

5. Magnetize The Spices. If you are a lover of spices, you know how difficult it is to find the right spice while cooking. With so many options burdening your drawers, you may choose the wrong one while cooking. To make sure you are always reaching for the right spice, you can magnetize the bottoms. You will just need to buy a magnetic board to attach all of the spices to and write the spice names on the jars.


We hope you enjoyed these easy, creative kitchen ideas. Visit our the rest of our blog page for more life ideas and flooring information! 

Choosing Your New Bathroom Sink

You have decided to remodel your bathroom and create a whole new look. Whether you are planning on selling your home or want a more updated look, a bathroom remodel can add value to your home. Bathrooms and kitchens can be two of the most valuable rooms for home buyers.


A lot comes along with updating your bathroom and one of the toughest decisions is choosing a new sink. Sinks can capitative your guests’ attention with their detail and structural appeal or classically tie into the rest of the bathroom.


Let us take a look at the different types of sinks available to homeowners: 


  1. Console Sinks: A console sink is a basin that sits on top of a table-like structure. The basin is held up by two to four legs and has an open space underneath it. The underneath space can be left empty or used to store a basket, trash can, etc. Most homeowners that choose this sink prefer its clean, classic look. 
  2. Countertop Sinks: These sinks are perfect for homeowners who have already set their heart on a bathroom countertop. They sit on top of the bathroom’s countertop and are usually a bowl like-shape. 
  3. Integrated Sinks: You have probably seen these sinks at fancy restaurants. These sinks add a touch of elegance and awe to your space by their flat edges that are flush with the countertop. The eyes cannot discern what is counter and what is sink with this alluring piece. Homeowners who want to make a statement should definitely consider an integrated sink. 
  4. Self-rimming Sinks: When you think of a typical bathroom sink, this is probably the sink that comes to mind. The basin is put into a pre-cut hole then leaves a little bit of sink rimming the countertop. 
  5. Under-counter Sinks: You will find these sinks mostly in kitchens, but that is not to say that they cannot be used in bathrooms. These sinks look great with stone and solid surface countertops. The basin goes deep beneath the countertop level and provides plenty of room. 
  6. Vanity Sinks: These sinks are placed on top of cabinets. Vanity sinks are an extremely popular choice for homeowners because they provide bathroom storage. 
  7. Vessel Sinks: A vessel sink is a “decorative bowl” that is placed on top your countertop. Homeowners love this artistic look for their bathrooms because of its beauty and appeal.
  8. Wall-hung Sinks: The name is literally meaning for this sink. The sink hangs from the wall and has nothing above or below it. It is a very modern, classic look for homeowners’ bathrooms. 


If you decide to update your bathroom flooring, you know who to call. We are happy to help you choose the perfect flooring for your update.

Creating a Play Area For the Kids

Want to give your child a fun and imaginative play area? Of course, as parents, we understand the importance of making sure the children have their playtime. In fact, according to experts, imaginative play helps children develop creativity and thinking skills that they will likely employ later on life. How can you create the perfect play area if you’re short on space?


While in a perfect world you would be able to dedicate an entire room to create a play area with all of your children’s favorite toys in the real world it just doesn’t work like that. In most homes, the main areas such as the living room or the family room have to be able to accommodate both the adults, teens and the little ones in the family. Here are some ways you can create multi-functional play areas in your home.


Rework What You Have

It’s time to get creative. More than likely you probably already have the bare bones for the perfect play area. Consider using the long bare wall in your living or dining room. Yes, you can use the walls to create a large bulletin chalkboard that the kids can draw and write on. If you have older children in the home you can use your handy skills to install a built-in desk into the wall where homework or other tasks can be completed.


Turn Unused Space Into a Playroom

What about the attic that’s just collecting dust or the basement that no one really ever goes into? Consider turning spaces that the family doesn’t really use into a play area for the children. Remodeling such spaces don’t have to be expensive. A deep cleaning and fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference.


Define Space

If your living room or family will also double as a play area then you want to separate or define the space. Area rugs can work as a divider to separate the play area. It’s important to not let the kid’s toys clutter the living room. Make use of smart storage solution to design a space with clean lines and also functional.


If you have any questions about the best types of flooring to use in your playroom, we are happy to help!  We have the experience to help you find the best solution for your home.

Decorating for Fall

The weather is beginning to cool off and the next thing you know your guests will be knocking on your door for the holidays. Prepare your home for the season with our simple fall decor ideas! 


8 Decorating for Fall

  1. Cuddling season. Your weather may have already begun getting cold. A great piece of decor to have out in your home is blankets. You may even want to put some blankets outside if you plan on spending time outdoors. 
  2. Fall finds. Decorating for fall does not mean everything has to be store-bought. You can find a lot of decor pieces in nature and tie them into your design. The items you find can make great centerpieces on your dining room table. 
  3. The metal of fall. When you think of fall, you probably think of warmth and orangey-hues. That is why copper is the perfect metallic color to accent your fall decorations. Copper is warm enough that it will tie in well with all of your other decor pieces. 
  4. Warm on up. It is out with the cold and in with the warm (colors). Fall is the perfect time to incorporate warm hues into your decor. From reds to yellows, your house will instantly feel homier.
  5. Swap it like its hot. Change out the pictures inside of some of your picture frames to match the season. You can even make a family event out of it. Go to a park with your family. Photograph the season then place the pictures you took inside of your frames! 
  6. Take it outside. Do not forget to decorate the outside of your house during this season! For a fun family activity, you can buy some pumpkins to carve and use them as decorations outside. 
  7. Add layers. If you are waiting to turn on your heat, you may want to put plenty of layers on your bed. Load your bedrooms with extra blankets for when the temperature drops. 
  8. Cozy by the fire. Fall is the perfect time to get your fireplace up and ready for the winter months. Plus, firewood can be an amazing fall decor piece. Set up your fireplace for use now and you may find yourself using it during the fall. 


Keep warm!

Fall Decor Colors

If you are lucky enough to live in a city with all four seasons, you may have already begun decorating for fall. The four seasons tend to inspire many households to change up their decor colors. From bright in the summertime to warm in the fall time, you can transition your home’s decor in a weekend. The key to reusable decor is to buy things that are affordable and easy to swap out each year. Items like pillows, table decorations, and wall decor can do just the trick. Now on to the colors. Winter and fall colors tend to be more similar as well as summer and spring colors. Today, we are going to focus on eight fall colors you can use in your decor: 


    • Color One: Copper. Copper is a must for fall decor. You can swap out your silver and gold decor pieces for items with a copper. Copper is the perfect metallic color for fall time because of the subtle hints of orange. 
    • Color Two: Burnt Orange. The color orange just screams “fall.” Plus, burnt orange is perfect because it is not quite as intense as the color orange. It can be subtly placed throughout your room for a perfect fall twist. 
    • Color Three: Emerald Green. Emerald Green takes charge of a room with its bold and captivating feels. We love to combine this color with all things fall because it can blend in while standing out. 
    • Color Four: Cranberry Red. This beautiful red is not only perfect for your decor pieces but it can make a fantastic paint color year-round. 
    • Color Five: Eggplant Purple. You will think of a majestic queen when you see this beautiful color. It is extremely dark, but we absolutely love it. If you are looking to balance all of your warmer tones, this is the color you want to try. 
    • Color Six: Cedar Green. Cedar Green is more of a neutralized green. It blends in well with the other colors without drawing too attention to it. 
    • Color Seven: Indigo. This deep, rich color is perfect for warming up to in the colder months. Plus, indigo works well with nearly every color. 
    • Color Eight: Dark Grey. You may want to finish off with a neutral tone to tie the whole look together. Dark gray is the perfect shade for finishing touches to the room. 


Are you looking for new flooring to work with every season? If you have any questions, please call or email us.

Designing a Budget-Worthy Bedroom

While designing your home, you have probably decided on an overall budget that you would ideally like to stick with during the remodeling process. The main portions of your budget will most likely go towards upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms. You may have little money left over for remodeling rooms like your bedroom, but there is no need to worry. We have five tips for designing an amazing budget-worthy bedroom:


Tip No. One: Make a Statement.

To create a statement wall in your bedroom, you will need to decide on either paint or wallpaper for your space. Once you have chosen your preference, paint or wallpaper the wall that holds your bed. You want this wall to have the most attention in your bedroom because it highlighting the fact that it is a bedroom. From white and gray stripes to a bold pink, the options for your statement wall are truly endless. Just try to tie the colors in with the room’s overall color scheme. 

Tip No. Two: Something Old. 

Thrifting is a great way to find unique, inexpensive items for your bedroom. Thrift shops have a lot of furniture that can make your room look rustic and timeless. The key to thrift stores is finding unique items and turning them into creative furniture pieces. For example, you could find a treasure chest and use it as a nightstand or you could find a ladder and use it as a bookshelf. Before you go thrifting, read reviews online and try to get an idea of where the best finds are located. 

Tip No. Three: Double-Use.

A way to save money in your bedroom is to incorporate furniture that will serve two functions. For example, you can have a desk that will also be your vanity. When you are planning the layout of your room, try to figure out what pieces of furniture can be used for something else.

Tip No. Four: Get Creative.

Headboards can be an unnecessarily, expensive add-on to bedrooms. If you are wanting a headboard but do not have the funds, create your own! From palette boards to antique bookcases, headboards are easier to create than ever. 

Tip No. Five: Less is More.

While decorating your bedroom, keep in mind that less is more. This tip can be especially helpful when you are trying to save money. Just try and keep things simple and keep the decor light in your bedroom. A cluster can look too busy rather than simple. 


While you are remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, keep us in mind for all your flooring needs. Call us with any questions.

The One-Hour Kitchen Clean

From dishes to dirt, kitchens seem to always get filthy. Would not it be amazing if we could cook without having to clean? Maybe that is why going out to eat or getting take out some nights sounds so much better than cooking yourself. There is no need to dread cleaning your kitchen anymore because you can now clean your kitchen in an hour.


One-Hour Clean for Your Kitchen: 

Preparation: Set aside an hour on your day off to tackle your kitchen. In doing so, you will have more motivation than just trying to squeeze it in one random day. 


0:00-15:00- The Fridge & The Pantry

Start your one-hour clean off by cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry. Take these 15 minutes to throw away any old or expired food. You may find some empty cereal boxes and jars that you can recycle. If you have non-perishable food items that you do not plan on using, consider donating them to your local food pantry. 


15:00-30:00- Dishes

This time will be spent organizing your cupboards and moving around items. Sort through your dishes and discard any that are chipped or cracked. If you do not like the current layout, use this time to rearrange some items in your kitchen. Remember that you can recycle your glasses and donate your unused, good condition dishes. Put everything back into its proper place then you are ready to move onto the next step.


30:00-45:00- Small Kitchen Appliances

Take into consideration the use and importance of each small appliance. If you never use it and it continues to gather dust, donate it. If you use it only seasonally, store it on one of the higher shelves. Now, sort through all of your pots and pans to determine their quality. Throw them out if they are no longer in good shape. 


45:00-60:00- Sanitize & Clean. Now that you have probably broken a sweat, it is time to wipe down all the counters and appliances. Remove fingerprints from your large appliances and stains for your countertops. If you have time, you can polish your cabinets with some wood cleaner. 


Yay!! You did it! Now you can reward yourself after all your hard work. 


Notes for the future: Maximize your kitchen to work for you, rather than the opposite.  Make sure surfaces are easy to clean and choose a material that doesn’t harbor mold or bacteria.  Tile is the most popular material in the kitchen for a reason!  It will not absorb odors, it can be easily sanitized, and clean up is a breeze.  Tile is perfect for the floor, counters, and backsplash in your kitchen! 

This Year’s Design Trends

Everyone wants in on this year’s trends and who can blame them? Being stylish and fashion-forward has never been a bad thing, right? If you are looking to make your home a trendy masterpiece, stay tuned because we have this year’s hottest design trends!


This Year’s Design Trends

  1. Pretty in Pastel. 

From kitchen appliances to cozy sofas, pastels have made their way back into our hearts. Pastels add the perfect amount of color to a room without distracting from the room’s other decorative pieces. Pastels are subtle, but that is why we love them! Try adding pastels into your room’s decor for a new take on color. Pastels pair well with neutrals and may even work with bold colors. 

  1. Metallic Charm.

Metals are all the rage for 2017’s hottest trends and here is why: they are classy, bold and timeless. People may be hesitant towards using silvers with golds but actually, we encourage it! You no longer have to choose which metallic color you prefer more because now you can have both. The key to perfect symmetry is to use the colors equally. Do not favor one metallic over the other because this can begin to look tacky. Just rotate which metallic color you are decorating with each time you go to buy something new. 

  1. Neutral Chill.

Neutral colors are taking the design industry by storm! You will not find neutral colors just on homeowner’s walls nowadays, but you will actually find them embracing it in every aspect of the room. From flooring to bedspreads, the neutral colors are winning. 

  1. Gray Lovers

Not just 50 shades of gray, but literally every shade of gray that you can imagine is being used in houses across America. The key to complimenting your new gray curtains? Pair it with more gray! You heard us right. From dark to light, gray is the hottest color for decor this year and we are pretty sure this trend will stay around for a long time. 

  1. Vibrant Artwork

Let your artwork speak boldly (in color that is). Artwork is the perfect chance to express bold colors in your space without overdoing it. You can incorporate bright vases or beautiful paintings to spruce up the room and add a special hint of boldness. 


What design trend can you not live without? Let us know what you think in the comment section.