Bringing the “City of Love” To Your Home: Paris-Themed Decorating

Using a theme to decorate a room in your house can be more exciting than any of the design concepts you currently have in mind.  Taking inspiration from somewhere you have traveled to or wish to travel can bring focus to your decoration project.  Sticking with a theme will also prevent you from having to fill in the design gaps when you are out of creative ideas.  You can simply refer back to the culture of the geographical place you are emulating. 

One example of a popular theme is Paris.  It is a city with worldwide recognition and a unique look that attracts thousands of visitors every day.  Guests will be able to easily recognize the inspiration in your home that comes from this place through your use of the colors and architecture most associated with it.  Read on for suggestions about how to incorporate a Parisian theme in any room of your home.


Color Palette for Paris:  These are the colors that make people think of Paris: choose wisely.  The main goal is to use this theme in your designated space while preventing the room from appearing too disjointed from the rest of your home.  Concentrate on using the colors that flatter your home’s overall style. 


  • Creme
  • Dove Gray
  • Scarlet Red
  • Black + White
  • Royal Blue
  • Tiffany Blue
  • Ballet Pink
  • Olive Green
  • Saffron Yellow
  • Café au Lait


Popular Design Materials:  These materials are the best foundation for designing your Parisian-style room.


  • Wrought Iron
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Brick
  • Chevron or Herringbone patterned tile
  • Stone
  • Stucco 


Lighting, Furniture & Accessories:  Once you have taken care of the basic outer design of the room, focus your attention on giving each lighting element, furniture, and accessory the Paris touch.  Again, you do not have to use all of these items.  Simply use the pieces that will flatter your home the most. 

  • Color-Washed Wood
  • Chandeliers
  • Track Lighting
  • Heavy Drapery
  • Porcelain Jars
  • Upholstered Chairs
  • Multi-paned windows and cabinetry
  • Patterns & Stripes
  • Bookshelves
  • Indoor Plants
  • Toile
  • Patterned Rugs
  • Ornate Clocks
  • Wrought Iron (Headboard, Side Table, and Chairs, Towel Racks etc.)



Get Your Patio Updated!

Summer is already here! While you may have been procrastinating getting the patio squared away so far, it’s now time to shift your focus to this great entertainment space. Summer is a time to gather outside with friends and family, share a meal and enjoy the sunshine. While the cooler months may keep you indoors, summertime helps spread your home’s square-footage out a little more so you and guests have more room to relax.  Here are some tips to get this vital space ready to receive guests so all you have to worry about is how much fun you’ll be having.


Organization is your first task. Wayward items have a tendency of finding themselves in odd spaces when life becomes busy and the first place they end up is in rooms that are not seeing as much use. It gives the homeowner time to get things out of their way without putting it away. Now it’s time to clean that mess up. Place items in their proper storage units and survey the things that do belong in the room. Is there anything that can be thrown away from overuse or damage from previous seasons? Now is the time to remove it.


Next, set any damaged but salvageable pieces aside so you can repair them.  Place them in an area where they are out of the way but will not be forgotten. Make a list of items needed to fix them and go out as soon as you can to get them. Capitalizing on your momentum is what will see you through this project from beginning to end. Once you’ve got everything in working order, it’s time to clean the area.


Wipe down plastic surfaces, clean or update your seat cushions and throw pillows and place some fresh potted plants throughout the space. Be sure to wipe down tables and chairs so guests won’t stain their hands when touching patio surfaces. If you have an outdoor rug, give it a good vacuum. For outdoor grilling areas, be sure to wipe down food preparation areas and clean grilling utensils as well as your grill rack. 


Now get out there and enjoy the rest your summer!

Easy Laundry Room Updates

Updating your laundry room seems to be last on your priority list. Having a nice laundry room would be amazing, but you do not see yourself moving forward with any remodeling right now. That is understandable when there are more dominant rooms like your kitchen or living room, but what if we told you that you could accomplish it in one day? Updating your laundry room does not need to be time-consuming or frustrating with these simple tricks.


Easy Laundry Room Updates: 

  • Add a Fresh Coat of Paint. Switching up your room’s paint color can change the room’s feel and appearance. Laundry rooms are usually boring, but yours does not have to be. Try using a vibrant color, one that you would not normally use throughout your home. Appliances are usually simple and they will not distract from your powerfully colored walls. 
  • Incorporate Baskets. Baskets are essential to organizing your laundry. Try incorporating your baskets inside of the lower cabinets or invest in tasteful baskets that can be left out as a part of your decoration. 
  • Install New Light Fixtures. Invest in some quality light fixtures for your laundry room. It is important to see stains on your clothing and lighting can play a factor in that. 
  • Change The Knobs. Update your current laundry room by putting on new cabinet knobs/handles. 
  • Separate The Space. Depending on your space, adding curtains or a door can section off the room. If you do not have a “laundry room,” you can add a door or curtain in front of the washer and dryer to section it off from the rest of the house.  Make sure that the flooring creates a dividing line as well.  Laundry rooms or spaces should have flooring that can handle water!
  • Personalize it. Hang pictures and fun artwork from your walls to add personality to the room. You can even add a gallery wall to accent a specific wall in the space.
  • Replace Your Sink. Laundry rooms sinks get worn and torn easily. Consider swapping out your current sink for a newer model. There is an assortment of sink choices to select from ranging in various prices. 


Choosing to do all of these or some of these can wash away your laundry room blues. We hope you enjoy these simple tricks for updating your laundry room.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic decorative piece that can be over or underused. While typically we think of mirrors to go on bathroom walls, their purpose has become so much more over the years. Homeowners have begun to incorporate mirrors as works of art rather than just a way to look at yourself every now and then. Here are our tips for incorporating mirrors into your home’s decor: 


  1. Reflect Light

Mirrors are perfect in rooms that bare a lot of light because they can enhance the brightness. If you are looking to brighten up your space naturally, add a mirror on the opposite wall of the window and it will reflect natural light back into the room. 

  1. Expand the Room

Mirrors are known to make rooms look larger than they actually are; therefore, the placement of your mirror can add depth to a space without extra square footage. Mirrors play an illusion on our minds and make the room look larger. The key is to place a mirror horizontally on the wall of the room you want to make look bigger. The correct placement can make a tiny space look more open and inviting. 

  1. Place in a Collection

Find a collection of small, decorative mirrors to place on one wall together. Mirrors are great decorative pieces and you can make instant artwork by using several mirrors in one area. Incorporate them into your gallery wall, line them up in a row, or scatter them on your desktop. 

  1. Express Art

Giant, bold, beautiful mirrors can be displayed as pieces of artwork in rooms like your living room or bedrooms. Homeowners should place these mirrors to be the focal point of the room because they tend to draw a lot of attention. 

  1. Angled in Position.

If you decide to decorate with a giant mirror, place the mirror at an angle leaning against a wall. This will help give the illusion of a larger space and makes the mirror look more decorative. 

  1. No Natural Light

Yes, mirrors are perfect for rooms that have a lot of natural light, but they are also great for rooms that do not have any natural light. Just place some candles in front of the mirror and it will light up the room with a warm glow. 


If you are looking to save money, search for old mirrors that you can refurbish and bring back to life with some new paint! We hope you enjoyed these tips for incorporating mirrors into your home’s decor. 

Incorporating a Foyer

Many homes do not have a foyer built in and that factor can be a downside for many homeowners. The foyer marks the entrance of the home and gives household members a place to put coats, shoes, and backpacks. If you do not have a foyer in your home, all you need is a little imagination and some extra space. Incorporating a foyer will be perfect for storing your belongings and welcoming your guests.


How to incorporate a foyer in your home:

  • Add stylish organization. A foyer’s purpose can be best served when it is organized well. Optimize the area’s space by including stylish furniture pieces to help keep everything organized. Small dressers, chests, or tables can be functional and stylish in the foyer of your home.
  • Involve your walls. Walls are not only great for decor, but they are also perfect for storage! Homeowners should take advantage of this space by including coat hooks, wall cubbies, and a mail bin.
  • Provide a space for each family member. There is nothing more frustrating than not having a specific place to put all of your belongings. Everyone has their own coats, shoes, and mail so why not give them a particular place to put it all? Dividers can be the perfect solution for storing everyone’s belongings all in one place.
  • Make it functional. Make sure to provide a place to hang your car keys, place your shoes and put your coats. A foyer can be decorative, but its best purpose is storing items. Make sure to use this space that you create and not only place decorations around it.
  • Decorate with a passion. This is your chance to add your personal touch to the foyer. Add pictures, plants and props to spice up the area and add charm to your space. Remember, decorations should come after you have a place to put all of your essential items.
  • Provide warmth. A foyer is the first part of your home that guests will see; therefore, you should make the foyer cozy. Add candles and a small rug to incorporate warmth and style into the small space.

Five Tips for Decorating Like a Pro

There’s nothing that gets you going like the opportunity to completely decorate a blank canvas or update your home’s decor. You’ve spent numerous hours on Pinterest looking for some inspiration now you finally have the chance to put your creative brain to work.  While designing a space can be exciting it’s also a tough process that can definitely get overwhelming.  That’s why we’re letting you in on some of the insider secrets of decorating like a pro.


Don’t be in a rush to purchase furniture

Be sure to take your time when investing in furniture for your home. You don’t want to rush the process just so you can fill up the empty space. Shop around and only buy furniture that you absolutely love. It’s important to create a space that you’ll  thoroughly enjoy.


Go with your gut feeling

Relying on your instincts during the design process is crucial. Sometimes the endless possibilities can make the decision-making process so difficult. But what was your first choice? When you go with your initial feelings you’ll likely be happier with the results.


Remember the light

Between the wall treatments and floor plans, lighting often gets left out of the equation. However, the right lighting strategy can have a dramatic effect. It sets the mood as well as highlight the room’s best features. Chandeliers, lamps and other types of lighting fixtures can be the perfect accessories to dress up the room.


Avoid over-designing

With so many ideas running through your head you might be tempted to find a way to combine several different elements in one space. This will make the room look cluttered and tacky. You want your home to feel like it’s been curated over time not like you purchased a bunch items at once.


Create an area of emphasis

Every room needs a focal point or an element of surprise. The location of the element will be the conversation piece when your guests enter and it will tie in the overall look. This element should be bold and stand out from the rest of the elements in the room

Five Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Home

These days, a lot of modern homes lack architectural details and they use bland lighting fixtures. If your home is looking a bit flat it’s time to add some character to your space. Here are some easy and affordable ways you can bring some charm to your home.


Install a Ceiling Medallion

If you’re looking for a way to add a hint of elegance to your living room area than you should consider purchasing a ceiling medallion. Many homeowners tend to overlook decorating the ceiling. Attaching a ceiling medallion requires little effort. In fact, you can attach it to the ceiling with glue or caulk adhesive.


Add Trim to the Windows

Most modern homes lack window trims. Such a small detail can make a world of a difference in the house overall look. Window trim can provide a more finished appearance. The best part of it all is that you can complete this project yourself.


Faux Fireplace

Everyone knows that fireplaces add both charm and elegance to your space. If you’re seeking to take things up several notches it’s time to add in a fireplace. Installing a fireplace can start at approximately $2500. However, you can purchase a faux fireplace that heats and lights up like a real one for under $500.


Vintage Knobs

Yes, it’s time to replace the standard knobs on the doors and cabinets with something more vintage. A subtle change like this can have a dramatic effect.


Play with Bold Colors

Neutral colors are always safe. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and play with bold colors. Consider painting one of the rooms in your home a bold and electric color.


Dress up the walls

Most American homes have plain drywall that lacks creative details. Let your blank walls serve as a canvas. One way you can dress up the wall is by creating a floor to ceiling gallery wall. You can use family photos or pictures of places you’ve visited. You can also consider adding a wallpaper decal to the walls by using glue or a stick-on wallpaper decal. 

Decorating the Dining Room

Since the dining room is where you share intimate meals with your family during the week and where you host your dinner party is essential for this area to be inviting and full of warmth. Is it time to breathe a new life into your dining room? Then you’ll likely have to consider several factors such as color, style, and function.


Below are some tips that can give you inspiration.


Lighting Scheme

Modernize the dining area by updating the lighting scheme. If you’re interested in trying something edgy try installing industrial style lighting. You can then balance the look by using furnishing that embraces natural materials such as a distressed wooden dining table combined with wicker chairs.


On the other hand, if you’re set on embracing a more classical look then it’s time to go chandelier shopping. Yes, chandeliers are a great way to create an area of interest. The width of the chandelier should be approximately ½ to ⅔  the width of the table and at least 30 -34 inches above the table.



If you already have a set of chairs then you can simply freshen them up by applying slipcovers to them. Chair slipcovers allow you to easily change the look of a chair. If you want to get fancy you can custom slipcovers made with monograms on them. You can purchase standard slipcovers in all kinds of styles from popular furniture shops such as Wayfair and Ikea.


Add Just A Pop of Pattern

A touch of a pattern is great for brightening up dull spaces. You can add a bit of pattern to the windows with some modern Roman shades that feature a modest pattern. You can also opt to add pattern to the walls with a striped paint treatment. Consider installing a wallpaper. Today’s wallpaper is a far cry from your grandmother’s dull wallpaper. These days they are manufactured in fun graphics and geometric patterns.



Don’t be afraid to use bold colors. In fact, by doing so you can make a big statement. You can use complementary colors such as lime green or pink with your chairs and drapes. Stick with a neutral color table. 

Designing a Mediterranean Style Kitchen

A kitchen is a place in your home where warm conversations take place, and people gather to prepare food and share life. Choosing the right style is an important part of creating that sacred space where memories are made.  The Mediterranean style comes from Italy, Spain, Greece, and France, and it’s full of warmth, natural hues, and natural materials. It is a wonderful style to give your kitchen that classic feel. Choosing a Mediterranean style kitchen also gives you a vast array of options to choose from in color and style because there are several different countries under the Mediterranean umbrella. There are some key features of a Mediterranean kitchen though that give it that authentic feel.

To begin, lighting is a key feature in a Mediterranean kitchen. There are multiple options to choose from such as wrought iron chandeliers, and suspension lighting with frosted glass and tea stained. Another option is lighting with rusted gold or burnt metals with carved details with a botanic theme. Finally, stone or amber glass shades and wrought iron fixtures are also very standard features of Mediterranean lighting.

Wrought iron is another staple in a Mediterranean kitchen. There are multiple ways to integrate wrought iron into the kitchen such as wrought iron wall art, a wrought iron chandelier or light fixtures, or nick knacks spread throughout the kitchen.

Stucco walls are a great way to add texture to your Mediterranean kitchen. Texture is also a key feature for a Mediterranean style kitchen.

Tiles are an integral feature of a Mediterranean kitchen. There are many ways to incorporate tile into your kitchen. You could choose tile flooring, tile walls or tile backsplash. Warm earthy tones are popular in Mediterranean décor, and hand painted mosaic on the tiles.

Incorporate arches wherever possible. Arches are very popular in Mediterranean décor. Consider an arched doorway or artwork for the wall that has arches.

Mediterranean colors vary from red, orange, and yellow to more earthy hues. There are many ways to incorporate these colors in a kitchen from choosing cookware and dishes with these colors to wall art, floor tiles, wall tiles, tile backsplash, and tablecloths.

Mediterranean style cookware is another thing you can add to your kitchen. Not only will it add to the authentic look and feel of your kitchen, but it will also enhance the taste of your Mediterranean dishes. Some popular Mediterranean cookware options are cast iron fry pans for versatile dishes, or for earthy flavors have clay pots and pans. Include mortar and pestle for that authentic experience of freshly crushed herbs and spices. Quality baking dishes are always a must have for that perfect pan of lasagna!

Finally, dark wood is not only beautiful but also a popular feature for Mediterranean kitchens. There are many ways to integrate wood into a kitchen and some ideas are a wooden island, exposed wooden beams in the ceiling, wood floors, a wooden kitchen table, or cabinets.

These are a few key features to include when decorating a Mediterranean style kitchen. 

Inexpensive Porch Makeover

Porches are a long-time American favorite for homeowners who just love being outdoors. From reading a good book to conversations with friends, porches have a special place in all of our hearts. If you want to spruce up your porch for summer, we have five budget-friendly suggestions that will not break your bank. 


Five Suggestions for an Inexpensive Porch Makeover:

  1. A reason to keep your head up: Porches are perfect for enjoying the warm summer months without having to be exposed to harsh sun rays. We are able to enjoy the beautiful weather because of the porch’s roof. You can paint the ceiling of the roof with a fun color to add uniqueness to the outdoor space. Guests’ eyes will be drawn to colorful statement piece and it can add brightness on gloomy days.
  2. Let’s hang around: Hanging plants are gorgeous and can bring serenity into the outdoor space. Try incorporating some hanging plants in a cluster, all with different lengths and styles. The hanging plants can add greenery and beauty quickly to your space without costing a lot of money. 
  3. Mood swings: We mean the good kind of mood swing, of course. Adding a swing can easily turn a bad day into a great day. Swings are proven to help create relaxation just with a few simple pushes. If you are looking to save money, look for older, used swings from thrift stores and just apply a few coats of new paint. 
  4. Favorable finishes: If you have porch furniture, add some pillows and throw blankets on top of the couches and chairs. They will help give the outdoor space a more cozy and lived-in look. Add some outdoor candles to bring warmth to your outdoor escape.
  5. Timeless touch-ups: House numbers, the front door, and the porch’s exterior paint can be touched up to improve the appearance and quality of your porch. A new front door may be the most expensive suggestion, but take the time to save money for this investment. Buy some new house numbers that tie in well with your outdoor space and apply paint touch-ups wherever needed on the porch’s exterior. 


We hope you take advantage of these simple suggestions and enjoy a relaxing, peaceful summer on your porch.