Things to consider before beginning a flooring project

There are many things to consider when you are planning a flooring project. There is more to it than selecting a sample, setting an installation date and enjoying your new floors. Below are a few things to consider before beginning a flooring project. Your local retailer will more than likely review these items with you, but it’s best to know as much as you can in advance so that there are as few surprises as possible!

How long is it going to take to complete?
Changing your flooring out can be a bigger deal than you think. If floor prep is involved, that can take time to dry or set up before installing the new floors. Also to consider, the time it will take to remove the old floors. Be sure and not plan parties or events too close to the installation date of your new floors – that will ensure a delay will happen! Unforeseen circumstances can happen with any type of home project.

What areas are adjacent to the desired area?
It is important to consider what floors are adjacent to an area receiving new floors because of the transition height. For example, if you are installing a wood floor next to a vinyl floor there is a height difference that will need a transition strip to address the difference in height. Also to be considered are the heights of the doors. If you are installing a thicker product than previously installed, the doors may need to be trimmed to allow for this height difference.

When will the floor be ready to walk on?
Just because the floors are being installed one day, that doesn’t mean they can be walked on the same day. Ceramic tile, for instance needs time to “set” before being walked on. Other arrangements may need to be made in your home. An example of this may be if you are tiling your kitchen – you may need to make plans to eat out the night the floors are installed!

Will other areas/items be affected?
If you are remodeling a bathroom or replacing existing flooring you may need to consider things like toilet removal and replacement as well as wood trim removal and replacement. Some flooring contractors prefer to have a plumber remove and reset the toilet. This can be an added expense. Another added expense can come with the removal and replacement of wood trim. Often, when wood trim is removed it can splinter or the paint can chip off. This may involve the need for a painter to come in and touch up any areas where paint has been chipped or wood has been damaged.

Care and Maintenance
If you are receiving new floors, do you have the proper care and maintenance products to maintain and care for your new floors? So many people think they can just use whatever they used on their last floor or whatever is under the sink. It is very important to use a care product that the manufacturer recommends or that is approved for your flooring type.

An informed consumer is a happy consumer! Be prepared for all that is involved in a project such as replacement of flooring. These hints and tips will allow you to have a smoother, more pleasurable experience with fewer surprises!

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