Sultry Brazilian Hardwood Creates New Possibilities For Floors—And Walls

Macchiato PecanBR-111 Pioneers an Entirely New Category of Exotic Hardwood Flooring Where Luxury and Strength are Matched Only by Eco-Friendliness

Rarely does a floor stop visitors in their tracks. Yet for anyone who’s never seen, say, Santos Mahogany, the first impression is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s just one of the many luxurious selections offered by BR-111™ Exotic Hardwood Flooring, the company that has pioneered an entirely new product category, aptly described as three times stronger than oak—and ten times sexier.  The BR-111 color palettes, graining, and unique shapes inspire new design concepts for floors, walls, and accent areas alike.

The offerings from BR-111 defy comparison to traditional oak flooring. The colors reflect exotic species, such as Brazilian Walnut, Tiete Chesnut, and Tigerwood. “Our palette is unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” says BR-111 president Ricardo Moraes. “There are more than 15 different species and 30 different colors. It’s a radical reinvention of what people think of ‘hardwood.’”

While traditional plank-style products are certainly available (in wide and narrow, solid and more-affordable engineered wood), BR-111 also offers high-style mosaics, in patterns such as Cubix, Corduroy, and Blox that simply outdare the conventions of wood for the floor and walls.  “It’s a design revolution. You’ve just got to see what these exotic wood species do when they take on the horizontal and vertical,” notes Moraes.

BR-111 wood is harvested from Brazil with strict adherence to official Brazilian and third-party forest-sustainability guidelines. And since they last virtually forever, BR-111 hardwood floors don’t end up clogging landfills, as do lesser floor-covering products. It all adds up to a clean conscience for any homeowner, designer, or architect.


BR-111™ Exotic Hardwood Flooring has been transforming ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces for nearly 20 years.  As the pioneer in exotic hardwood flooring, BR-111 offers the largest selection of exotic species, color palettes, shapes and finishes with a level of high-style and durability unattainable with common domestic hardwoods.  Three times stronger than oak and ten times sexier, BR-111 exotic hardwood is ideal for making a bold statement from floor to ceiling.  Adding to its intrigue, all BR-111 timber is eco-consciously harvested under forest management regulations stipulated by the Brazilian Environment and Renewable Resource Institute.  In addition, BR-111 is the proud founder of The BR-111 Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering socio-economic progress in Brazil. For more information, visit

The image shown is:  Macchiato Pecan (BR-111– 5/16” Solid)

One thought on “Sultry Brazilian Hardwood Creates New Possibilities For Floors—And Walls

  1. It’s interesting to see how the expectations of flooring buyers change. What I mean here specifically is the idea of color variation and photosensitivity, typified in the tigerwood image in this blog post. I think consumers are learning to celebrate variations rather than worry about how they’ll look. Maybe this is the key to the ‘sexy’ factor eluded to in this post.

    We’ve seen interest in exotic hardwood floors at BuildDirect too, which not only bring out the range of color when first installed, but tend to change over time because of photo sensitivity.

    In this, I think buyers appreciate that hardwood is a natural product, which ages gracefully along with the rest of the property, helped along by daily maintenance of course. There is something warm, and human about a material which is in process after it’s installed, rather than a flat, lifeless surface that doesn’t age, so much as degrades. In some ways, exotics like santos mahogany and jatoba is the best example of this organic effect that color variation and photosensitivity brings out.

    Thanks for the post!

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