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The authentic hardwood looks are breathtaking. The water-resistant performance is superior. The installation is incredibly simple. But the real beauty of Armstrong’s new Luxe Plank™ with patent pending Lynx™ Technology is the flexibility it provides, thanks to its revolutionary design and construction.

Luxe Plank, launching to retail now, is the best option for a beautiful, high performance floor, according to Armstrong Resilient Vice President Allen Cubell.  “A combination of beauty, performance and simplicity makes Luxe Plank superior to any other luxury vinyl tile glue-down or floating system available today,” he said.  “It’s the easiest LVT floating installation on the market.  Luxe Plank with Lynx Technology allows the installer to reposition planks as many times as needed, and still maintain the integrity and appearance of the installation – a practice unheard of until now.”

Lynx Technology, the next generation in floating floor engineering, starts with specially formulated super thick LVT planks combined with a manufactured rigid film with a highly advanced performance oriented pressure sensitive adhesive.

“Flexibility without compromise means fewer call backs because the installation is right the first time,” said Yon Hinkle, Product Manager, Armstrong.  “With Luxe Plank, the end result is always a beautiful, high integrity installation that our dealers and their customers can count on.”

“This is a true game-changer,” said Buddy Faircloth, president, Cain & Bultman.  “The genius behind Luxe is that it improves upon existing technology to offer the retailer a truly unique product – unbelievably realistic looks, superior performance and a fail-safe installation. This adds up to not only happy customers, but repeat customers.  It’s a product that promises to be easy to sell.”

“Luxe Plank fills a gap in the market by being more than just about installation,” said Ray Mancini, president, BelknapWhite.  “It clearly establishes a style/beauty first position that speaks volumes to the consumer.”

The vibrant hardwood colors and textures of Luxe Plank™ add instant luxury to any room and feature the most realistic hardwood visuals available in the category. Authentic plank lengths, along with beveled edges and ends, combine to make the visuals incredibly natural. Consumers can choose from a stunning array of the most popular traditional, exotic, rustic and distressed looks to recreate the style of genuine hardwood.

Luxe Plank is available across 33 SKU’s at three price points, in a total of 14 design categories. Its distinctive looks include the undulating textures of Exotic Fruitwood, with vibrant colors and cosmopolitan elegance, and English Walnut inspired by Europe’s great country estates, with a  rich palette and contrasting stained edges (Best Collection).  Peruvian Walnut captures the beauty of the species’ natural variations in color and graining, and the distinct pattern of Empire Bamboo adds a modern flair to any space (Better Collection).  Jefferson Oak seizes the character and versatility of traditional oak in four classic wood tones that enhance any room (Good collection).

“The wow factor is that this is one beautiful flooring collection, a sure crowd pleaser,” said Mancini.  “There is an amazing breadth of design, and just the finest looking and top performing planks I’ve seen.  It is clearly designed to be the best.”

With Luxe Plank, even bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms can have a natural hardwood look. The thicker, more durable top layer features enhanced urethane coatings that resist scratches, stains and wear, making Luxe Plank perfect for high traffic areas as well as high moisture areas.  One of the attributes of the pressure sensitive adhesive is that it also is resistant to various factors – water or chemical.  Plus, the floor’s bond only gets stronger and stronger with time, offering superior adhesion strength with a grip that is virtually unbreakable.

Installing is as easy as 1-2-3

Lynx™ Technology, with its exclusive pressure-sensitive adhesive, makes Luxe Plank incredibly versatile and simple to install. Because each plank attaches to the planks beside and above it – not the floor beneath it – it installs quickly and easily, over practically any surface in any home or business.

With the technology to revolutionize floating floor installation and design options to meet any decorating need, Luxe Plank™ ensures high referral rates and repeat business.

“Luxe Plank wins where it counts – better wear layer, more features, better visuals and great warranties,” added Faircloth.  “Plus, it’s developed and backed by Armstrong, the brand our customers can trust.”

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9 thoughts on “Armstrong Intros New Floating Floors

  1. Does anyone know if this product has an emission rating? Im wondering how the odor is after install as several homeowners have complained about the competeters (Allure) products odor.Also: Does Armstrong say specifically that this product can be instaled in a basement area on top of concrete floor?
    Thanks for any reply!

  2. Luxe is FloorScore Certified, meaning it’s guaranteed to meet or exceed low emission standards, will not adversely affect indoor air quality, and the products have passed a third party certification process. Luxe can be installed in a basement over a clean, dry, and smooth concrete surface. You can find the complete installation instructions for this product at:

  3. Does anyone know if you can put down a cushioning underlayment beneath the Luxe flooring? I have a third floor condo (cement slab subfloor) and I am concerned about noise: both inside our condo and for the unit below us. Since it is floating, I would suppose that theoretically I could… but would this affect the Luxe flooring planks in anyway? Thank you!

  4. Susan,

    Armstroing’s Customer Service says that:
    Armstrong does not recommend installing Luxe over an acoustical pad.


  5. Is using a Shark steam mop to clean my Luxe Plank safe? I do not want to negatively impact either the finish or its continued adhesion.

    • Greg, Thank you for your question – see below please!

      Residential & Light Commercial Maintenance Procedures

      Care and Maintenance

      To keep the lasting shine and fresh feel of your investment for as long as possible, we recommend that you:

      • Wipe up spills as soon as possible. Never use highly abrasive scrubbing tools on any resilient floor.
      • Wash your floor occasionally with Armstrong Once ‘n Done Resilient & Ceramic Floor Cleaner.
      • Use Armstrong SatinKeeper Polish to return your floor’s original shine if it begins to dull over time.

      • Use detergents, abrasive cleaners or “mop and shine” products – they may leave a dull film on your floor.
      • Use paste wax or solvent-based polishes.
      • use rolling casters as they can damage the floor.
      • Use a beater bar when vacuuming because it can visibly damage the floor surface.
      • Use highly abrasive scrubbing tools.

      Proactive Protection for your Floor
      • When moving appliances or heavy furniture it is always wise to lay a plywood panel on your floor and “walk” the item across it. This protects your floor from scuffing and tears.
      • Use floor protectors, such as Armstrong Floor Protectors, under furniture to reduce indentation. As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the item, the wider the floor protector needed.
      • Be careful with rolling casters. They can damage the floor. therefore, we do not recommend them. If you choose to use them, the double wheel type are the best option.
      • Place a walk-off mat at outside entrances to reduce the amount of dirt brought into your home. We do not recommend the use of rubber- or latex-backed mats (except where noted) because the chemical (antioxidant) used to keep the backing from coming brittle can permanently stain your floor. We suggest a nonstaining vinyl-backed mat or a woven rug that is colorfast. Most of these products are identified “colorfast” by the manufacturer.
      • All Armstrong floor care products have been specifically developed to care for Armstrong floors. You may purchase Armstrong floor care products at your local flooring retailer.

      Immediately after installation:
      • Maintain a minimum room temperature between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit for 48 hours after installation is completed. Maintain temperatures between 55° F (13° C) and 85° F (29° C) thereafter.
      • We recommend that you do not scrub or wash your floor for five days.

  6. We used the product in a room at church and, unfortunately, at a recent event it got badly scratched. Is there any product that can be used to mitigate the appearance of the scratches? Thanks

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