Giveaway Winner Announced!!

Today is the day that we announce the winner of the stainless steel water bottle from New Wave Enviro. Below are the comments from the post “Bathtub filter from New Wave Enviro” where posting a comment on your favorite New Wave Enviro product could win one of these water bottles.

The winner of the stainless steel water bottle from New Wave Enviro and From the Floors Up is: REGINA FOLEY

** New Wave Enviro has also generously donated a bath filter to our winner as well! **

Comments received:

“Cool Water Insulated Bottle Carriers are my favorite item on the website, so far at least.  I enjoy nice cold water, but I also enjoy a nice DRY water bottle, this product looks like it would keep your hands dry and your throat wet at the same time.” – Renae

“I like the tinted stainless steel bottles with the clip. It would be great to take one to the gym, and it would work great on bike rides/outings with my kids. Cool colors.” – Ashley

“My favorite product is the Fresh Water Works Water Filter.  Shower filter may be a next investment, but for time being, I am concerned with eliminating contaminants so directly ingested!  Water filters built into refrigerators just don’t purify so well over time.” -Regina

“I have 2 of the water bottles and absolutely love them!  They are especially durable which I love because I throw them in my bag and car and don’t have to ever worry about them breaking or leaking. Great product!” – Tiffany

“Great looking products…. I’m going to try the Corn Resin Water Bottle (save time and money).” – Wendy

“I prefer the yoga stainless steel bottle because the writing on the bottle gives it a unique style with the added benefits of drinking water out of stainless steel. It is also the most useful because it is 600 ml, which is easy to take with you wherever you may be heading.” – Jillian

“I love the water bottles. They are super durable. My kids use them in their lunches and my contractor husband takes them on the job. They all have been used and abused and keep on working!” – Karina

“I love your products – have purchased water bottles for everyone in my family form our local Vitamin Cottage.  Great to have at work, in the car or on hikes!” – Julie

“There is not a store located close to me so I had to look at the internet…I think I will order one of the pet self watering units.  My dog Ally would love that!  Thanks for telling me about these new products.” – Donna

“Went back to the web site and showed it to my husband.  We are both avid kayakers….will have to decided which water bottles will be best suited for kayaking.”- Donna (and Steve)

“I LOVE the premium shower filter! We always think about filtering our drinking water and we forget that shower water is just as important to filter as we absorb that water and any contaminants into our skin! The premium shower filter keeps my hair soft, smooth and doesn’t leave a residue like typical shower water. I will never go back to unfiltered shower water!!” – Becca

Thanks to all of you that took the time to leave a comment. Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future. We appreciate all of you that take the time to read, subscribe and share your thoughts on From the Floors Up!

We would especially like to thank the people at New Wave Enviro for their commitment to manufacturing and distributing products that produce quality inexpensive purified water from your own tap water and for generously donating our featured giveway!

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