Dealer Profile: Carpets N More – Las Vegas

twitter-carpet-more-logoToday’s dealer profile is on Carpets N More. Adam Chesin from the Las Vegas retail location has shared some of his thoughts on flooring and working at Carpets N More Las Vegas. Stay tuned for an upcoming profile on the Colorado location.

FTFU: Tell me a little about your business.

ADAM: Carpets N More is a very reputable business that has been around for over eight years.  We are one of the largest flooring dealers on the West Coast.  We have two retail showrooms in Las Vegas off of Tropicana & Pecos, and Craig & 95.  We pride ourselves in making sure that our customers always end up satisfied and remain loyal throughout their entire lives.

FTFU: What sets your business apart from others in the industry?

ADAM: We are real with our customers.  We don’t tell them that we are going to install their whole house for $99, then double to triple the price on everything else.  Our prices are not only fair, they are nearly unbeatable.  Bring in a quote from a box store and we can almost guarantee to beat it.

FTFU: What product category is most popular for your customers?

ADAM: CARPET, hands down.  We deal with a lot of property managers, flippers, and rental properties.  They sure can blow through that carpet.

FTFU: What is your personal favorite type of flooring? Why?

ADAM: Personally, I love the look of travertine and other natural stones.  It just brings a sort of avant-garde art to the decorating of your home.  No two pieces are exactly alike, but when all laid down, it looks amazing.

FTFU: What is your personal favorite product, currently? Why?

ADAM: There is a natural stone that we sell called Pakistan green onyx.  I can’t even describe how sweet it looks nor can I really describe what it looks like.  Check it out on Google and prepare to be amazed.

FTFU: What color trends do you see in your market?

ADAM: Neutral colors and browns dominate the market right now.  Most people want darker colors as well so as to not show as much dirt.

FTFU: What product and color trends do you see in the future?

ADAM: I see more modern colors and grey tones coming into style in the future.  With the whole modern wave of stainless steel appliances and whatnot, the flooring is bound to catch up.

What is the question most frequently asked by your customers?

Everybody wants to know if our carpet installation includes tearing up and hauling away their old carpet, which it does.  Home depot and the box stores charge a significant amount for this and it scares a lot of people away.

FTFU: If you could get one point across to flooring customers in your market or offer one piece of advice about purchasing flooring, what would it be?

ADAM: Even though the economy is in turmoil and people are budgeting a lot more, your flooring purchase is something that you are going to have to live with for a very long time.  Make sure that you are happy with your selection as opposed to being happy with the price.  However, I am confident enough that you will be happy with your selection and the price if you shop at Carpets N More.

FTFU: What tool do you find most useful on your website?

ADAM: The virtual room designer is amazing.  You can upload a picture of the room you are looking at putting flooring in and see a virtual image of what it would look like with different styles and colors.  The link to that page is:

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