Focal Point: Big Art

Big art can be a creative and simple way to create a focal point in any room. The “gallery wall” style of hanging art in groups and clusters is currently popular and works well with smaller framed works of art. However, it can be busy and not as impactful as a single large work of art.  A large traditional oil painting could cost thousands of dollars at a gallery. If you are looking to buy a large scale traditional or antique painting, look at auctions and antique shows as well as consignment boutiques.


Other options for big art are framed photographs, prints and maps. There are several companies that will print a picture on a large scale canvas.  This can be a creative way to display your own photographs or family portraits. When using art as a focal point, bigger is better.  Bold colors, strong subject matter and a stand out frame can also create a big impact.


Mixing up eras and styles between furnishings and art work creates an interesting dynamic. A more modern version of a traditional subject, like the dog portrait in this living room, or an antique painting in a modern room creates a stylistic dichotomy that draws attention to the art. A single large work hung alone on a wall becomes the focal point of the room.

A large scale painting is the focal point in this hall. While the painting has a muted palette of neutrals, the silver frame draws the eye to it.  The single painting has more of an impact above the grouping of furniture than a group of works.  The big art as focal point allows the furniture to stand out as well as the art work.


Consider big art when creating a focal wall or focal point in your room.  Don’t be afraid to mix modern art with traditional furnishings. Use art to add color or interesting pattern to a room. Be brave and go big with your art.

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