No need to keep Climbing Out of the Tub with this Space Handy

Are you a bath-lover? If relaxing in a tub at the end of a long day is your favorite activity, more than once you’ve probably had to climb out because you forgot your novel, drink, scrubby or it’s time to add more bubbles.

Even tubs that have space around them generally handle only so much before running out of room or making your bathroom look cluttered. This design helps address the problem.

Tucked in a corner beyond the vanity, several shelves have space for virtually anything you want to grab in the bath. The slight distance helps avoid splash issues while still staying reachable without inconvenience.

Do you like to read in the bath? Tuck your latest paperback on one shelf to grab and peruse while you get nice and pruney. Debating between bath salts or lots of bubbles? Both will fit here, waiting for your decision.

This shelf space is tucked to the side of the vanity in the back of the bathroom. It allows you to store various bath favorites without having them mess up your counter or fill your vanity drawers. Put them in lovely containers (unbreakable recommended) and they will be decorative as well as convenient.

This tub is nice and deep, making it perfect for a long soak. Lighting is subtle and the modern vanity with its onyx top warms the otherwise all-white space. Toss your towel on the far end of the vanity and you’re ready to dry off when it’s time to take your relaxed self to bed.

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2 thoughts on “No need to keep Climbing Out of the Tub with this Space Handy

  1. Shannon,

    How fun! I love luxurious bath tubs with plenty of room for creature comfort items. My French Grandmother had a metal gizmo she placed across the tub to hold items. It worked for her, but I usually sank every item within. What you describe is much better!

    Thanks for being part of Bathroom Blogfest 2011! I know you’ve had a lot going on which makes this post doubly special.


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