Good Design Starts with the Fundamentals

If you are drawn to modern styles, every choice becomes more critical. With traditional design there are many details to draw the eye. Good modern design keeps lines simple and furnishings to a minimum. This forces every element to carry more importance in a room.

Take a look at this bedroom. Its clean lines and neutral palette requires attention to every detail.

First, notice how the two-inch wood blinds match the light wood flooring. This connection creates style before adding stick of furniture. These blinds offer a selection of fabric tapes to cover the mechanism, and this daring dark choice brings the equally-dark bed frame into focus. The dark verticals coordinate with the dark horizontals of the only two pieces of furniture in the space.

The bed linens are simple and light and the matching bed pillows provide the only patterned fabric in the room. The large circles on the larger set of pillows show a classic modern design, and then the gold dragonflies embroidered on the smaller pillows provide an unexpected touch of romance. The flowers also provide a softer element, but the very contemporary vase keeps the design consistently modern.

Do you want to create a contemporary room with just the right design elements? Come visit our showroom and learn how coordinating flooring and window treatments provide the start you need to design the modern room of your dreams.

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