Blinds and Flooring Set Stage

When you have a contemporary house with little or no architectural detail built in, the best solution is to create architectural depth yourself.

This room has a strong contemporary feel, and the light wood flooring and matching wood blinds support that while adding interest and depth to the room.

Choosing dark tape for the blind mechanism grounds the light elements in the room and connects the light wood choice with the dark leather bed frame and dark wood nightstand. Together they provide the contrast that makes a modern room work – the light wood horizontal combined with the dark verticals complement the dark horizontal furnishings.

The bed has a curved padded headboard that creates a comfortable place to lean back and read or watch the flat-screen. The nightstand also shows function as well as style with room enough for essentials on top and storage for books and magazines underneath.

Notice the pillow choices. Three sets of matching pillows add pattern. The bottom pillows are in a solid fabric, but the tie closures add a nice detail. The next two sets combine modern and a touch of traditional with the embroidered dragonflies. This room keeps accessories to a minimum, so the pillows add interest and help make the bed the focal point.

Functional and well-designed, this bedroom brings together a good foundation with an appealing finish. Do you want a bedroom with the right combination of connection and contrast? Let us help you select just the right combination of flooring and window treatments to get you started.

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