Lighting Tips for an Open Floor Plan

This open floor plan living, dining and kitchen space is a beautiful room that is nicely laid out into the different activity zones. There is a nice flow between the different areas created by the color palette and furniture arrangements.  The flooring is the same throughout the space, a must for flow in open floor plans.  It doesn’t matter if the flooring is wood or cement, use the same type throughout an open concept home.


There is one concern we have about this space and that is the lighting.  There appears to be only one source of light from the central ceiling fixture.  While the fixture is a cool design, a single overhead lighting source does not make for the best lighting for any room.  We’d love to see some recessed lighting as well as pendant lights over the island in the kitchen area and another chandelier or pendant light over the dining room table.  Creating lighting zones is just as important as activity zones in an open floor plan.


A floor lamp next to the sofa would also create another layer of light in the room. Having lighting sources that are overhead and closer to the seating level create a nice ambiance of lighting. A small table with a table lamp could also work in the living area.  For floating furniture arrangements away from the wall, install in floor outlets to avoid running cords where you walk.


In addition to different types of lighting, put your overhead lighting on dimmers to create even more lighting options for the space.

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