Beautiful White Bedroom Decor

An all white room can be a bastion of calm and peace. Or it can be a stressful battle against paws and kids. All white kitchens feel crisp and clean. All white family rooms might not be the best choice in decorating. On the other hand, an all white master bedroom can indeed be an oasis of calm and serenity.


This all white bedroom is layered with various shades of white from crisp designer white to whites tinted whispers of grey. The layering is what gives this room a finished looking design rather than an unfinished or even boring look of stark white. Along with layering shades of white, texture plays a role in making this design work.


Pure white bed linens stand out against more grey tones of white on the bed frame and walls. The subtle contrast between the two whites is enough for the eye to differentiate. The bench at the foot of the bed and the nightstands are also painted in the palest of greys.


Texture can be found on both the bed and floor. A shaggy, sheepskin or Flokati rug adds texture to the smooth wood of the floors. Bedding contrasts between smooth cotton sheets and a more textured coverlet. Smooth walls and floors contrast against the texture of the rug and bedding.


Uncovered windows to the left of the bed and above it flood the space with natural light. Combined with the snow white palette, this gives the room an airy and light feeling.

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