Carpet Tiles – The DIY Carpet Solution

For years carpet tiles have been used in commercial applications from airports to the entryways of your local retail outlet. The reason why these are used in these environments is the fact that they are super easy to install and have shown great versatility in high traffic areas.  They are also very easy to remove if a tile were to become damaged which means less time and money spent repairing a floor.  But over the last decade, with the onslaught of the do-it-yourself movement, carpet tiles have started to make their ways into the residential market.  With this increase in residential use, carpet tiles have gone through some great technological changes and continue to do so today.   That brings us to the question of why choose floor carpet tiles over broadloom?  Let’s compare the two and shed some light on why.

As was stated earlier, over the last decade or so, many people have decided to do more and more home projects from flooring to home repair.  So, in turn, there became a need for a fast and easy way to carpet an entire room.  Broadloom carpet, which is the norm in most homes, typically requires a professional installer whereas carpet tiles squares can be installed with little to no skill.  Installation of carpet tiles has become so easy that manufacturers such as Milliken feature a sticky back tile that is a breeze to install.  Many other manufacturers offer sticky tape pads or something very similar to install the tiles in a residential setting.  This makes installing carpet in a room as easy as putting a puzzle together which can’t be said about broadloom.

Generally speaking, broadloom carpet is much cheaper than carpet tile squares due to the fact that broadloom is available at any large hardware retailer or at any mom and pop carpet store, which seem to be on every corner these days.  The shear fact that broadloom is everywhere, keeps the cost of the material low.  But carpet tiles, since inception, have decreased in cost overall closing the pricing gap that exists in the carpet market.   Much of this decrease is due to the fact that carpet tile are starting to become more prevalent in the market place and due to the many innovations that have made these tiles more efficient in material use and in design.  Most carpet tiles use more recycled material than broadloom and typically you will need less material to create the same effect, which could mean cost savings in the long run.

Another thing that has deterred the average consumer from purchasing carpet tiles has been the commercial look and feel many floor tiles have.  But over time, this has changed. Many carpet manufacturers have come out with residential lines that are not only more design friendly, but are plusher giving a more welcoming feel.  Many carpet tiles are not only used as flooring for a whole room, but are used as rugs that can be made truly unique.  The shear fact that you can create a floor that is particular to your space makes carpet tiles a perfect fit for someone looking to create a more individualistic look.  Whereas broadloom only offers you one pattern which in most instances is not very unique.

So as you can see, even though carpet tiles can be more costly than broadloom carpet, the fact that you can install the flooring yourself in a timely manner more than pays for itself.  Not only do you not have to hire an installer to put in the flooring but you can, in many instances, utilize the flooring immediately.  And with these floor carpet tiles having a low carbon footprint, you are not only helping out the environment today, but for tomorrow as well.  For more information about carpet tiles or if you would like to talk to an expert about your potential carpet project, please visit here.

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    • Hello! Thank you for your comment! Carpet Tiles should be vacuumed regularly. With high traffic areas, experts recommend once a day whereas moderate traffic areas can be vacuumed two to three times a week. In regards to the type of vacuum cleaner, you will want to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner to clean the area, but just in case, you can double check with your flooring manufacturer to make sure you are using the correct one.

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