Curating Your Space- Part 1


Just as a museum or gallery curator carefully selects every sculpture displayed and canvas hung on their walls, so you too, are the curator of your home. A curator’s selections, in large part, determine the success of their business. The way your home looks isn’t connected to business success, yet a well curated living space can uniquely express who you are and provide sanctuary from the world. This takes some conscious effort and thought to achieve good results.

As you make selections for your home, think about not only the initial appeal to your senses, but also what speaks to you about your passions, desires and unique personality. You’ll find when you think deeply about what goes into your home, your personality will be reflected in your design and you’ll find more rest in your space.

In this two-part post, we’ll first talk about selecting art for your walls, furniture and textiles. Next time, we’ll discuss lighting, decorations, flooring and finishes.


Art selection may be one of the most subjective and personal parts of any items you purchase. Since the selections are endless and tastes vary so much, be sure to choose works that you really like, not just what’s popular for the moment. A large painting you love, can be something you keep for decades. Where furniture, rugs and accessories might come and go, good art is enduring.

TIP: Look for one big statement piece and then create a gallery wall with more affordable prints from artists you like, going with smaller sizes and less expensive frames. These you can change out more frequently as you find new art you like.


Even if you have big money to spend, furniture can be a challenge. Finding furniture that you like, that’s comfortable and durable can take a while. If you’re looking at vintage shops, scouring Craigslist and thrift stores to keep the budget low, sometimes you can find pieces that have that perfect mix of style, personality and quality. High on personality, low on price—win win!

TIP: Even if your style is very clearly defined, add a little something that breaks your style mold to add an extra element of interest. For example: if you love sleek modern, add a side table that’s ornately antique, or if your style is rustic vintage, add a small piece or two with a high glamour to break up the rustic textures throughout your home.


The fabrics we include in our home offer us not only the pleasure of visual experience but tactile as well. Keep this in mind when choosing throw pillows, bedding, throw blankets and rugs. Part of enjoying the comfort of your home is enjoying snuggling in soft blankets, resting on pillows that aren’t just pretty.

TIP: Make textiles throughout your home represent a variety of pattern, color, texture and size. The variety will add interest and personality to your space! You can even do this within a monochromatic color scheme.

 “Allow yourself the patience to know it will all come together in time and enjoy the process! For me home décor is not a goal, but a continually evolving and kinetic art project.” –Amy Butler, designer

As you look at your home as a series of blank canvases, a gallery of who you are, be thoughtful, educated and brave as you make your home into a place of rest and enjoyment for you and your loved ones. Embrace your inner artistry, have fun and take charge as you curate your space.