Decorating with White

Decorating with an all-white color scheme creates a dramatic statement and provides a fresh, calming look. Dramatic and calming at the same time? We think this look, over many others, achieves that! An all-white design offers a stunning modern look, but it can be hard to pull off as it could look stark and austere if not designed with care and intention. Of course, it’s not for everyone either—those with kids and/or pets—this could be a cleaning nightmare. Also consider that not everyone has a home with the architectural interest needed to pull off the look as seen in magazines and design blogs. But if you are finding yourself drawn to this look and want to go for it, consider these tips.

Architectural Detail and Structure:

Before you commit to painting everything white and swapping out all your furnishings and accessories, consider the architectural details in your home. An all-white look puts the architecture of your home on display, so if it’s lacking in this way, you’ll need to give it some love. Consider upgrading trim, adding crown molding and interesting ceiling treatments. A white brick wall, or white marble or stone finishes are also great ways to add interest and avoid an overly stark white space. If you imagine the bedroom pictured above without the wood moldings, the look would be lacking. In the image below, the built-in shelves and wide crown molding create strong architectural interest in this room.

Tone & Texture:

When decorating primarily with white, texture and tone will be vitally important. Mixing tones and shades of white will add interest. Don’t be afraid of mixing different whites. Add texture by using different materials; linen, faux fur, area rugs with subtle patterns, pottery, stone sculpture, knitted throws. You can use it all because your unifying element will be color.


When you’re purchasing furniture, remember to include a variety of shapes. If you have too many rectangles, add a round coffee table, or dining table. If you have too many curves, add some square or rectangular shaped pieces to keep the space visually varied and interesting.

We hope this helps get you started in planning beautiful white spaces in your home. We’d love to help you select materials for your space to give you a look you’ll love for years.