From casual to sleek there are endless ways you can design your kitchen.  Whether you’re working with a small or large kitchen space there are four basic style variations that can be implemented to create a comfortable, fully functional kitchen for the occupants of your home.



Contemporary and modern are often thought of to be the same. However, in the design world these two styles vary, especially when it comes to the style of  a kitchen. Contemporary kitchens became popular in the 1960’s. In the 60’s tangerine, turquoise and hints of black were trendy colors used when decorating. Contemporary kitchens are minimalist in nature and are characterized neutral color palettes.


Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is equipped with advanced technology in kitchenware and is drenched in the latest design features. Yes, modern kitchens are a perfect blend of function and style. Kitchen cabinets are skillfully built into the walls and sometimes smart storage options are utilized in the design to create added storage space. Smart homes are more likely to be equipped with modern kitchens because of the smart phone and voice command functionality.  While modern kitchens are the most expensive design to implement you are guaranteed a sleek and sophisticated finish.



Traditional kitchens are family friendly and they closely resemble the type of design you would see on a family-oriented television show. Yes, a traditional style kitchen is warm and classic with muted colors incorporated creating a homey feeling. Traditional kitchen utilize a breakfast nook and a spacious kitchen table providing ample room for the preparation of meals. Natural materials are used in cabinetry, for flooring and furnishings  bringing in the outdoor atmosphere. This is the perfect space to enjoy a home cooked meal with the family.



A transitional kitchen space is designed just as it sounds. It’s a kitchen that’s a cross between traditional and contemporary.  A transitional kitchen offers the warmth of a traditional design with the simple and clean lines of a contemporary  kitchen. You can add contemporary finishes to a traditionally styled kitchen by bringing in new artwork and installing new lighting. In this design, natural materials are used against manufactured ones to create a modernized yet traditional look.