Proper Backsplash Border Height in the Kitchen

The backsplash in your kitchen is meant to be functional while also adding flair to the room’s decor.  Designs can be simple and understated, but they also have the opportunity to become a focal point when using certain patterns and colors.  One way to bring attention to the backsplash area is to install a decorative border.  This is an easy way to give the kitchen a unique look than using the same pattern for the entire wall space.  If you have decided that a border will enhance the room, the next step prior to installation is to determine the appropriate height at which it should be placed.  There are multiple options for backsplash borders depending on how dramatic you want to it to be:


Single Row

A single row border is usually installed one or two tiles up to ensure that it can be still be seen without the obstruction of countertop appliances, knife blocks or utensil canisters.  This also keeps the border from being installed too high, which will cause the upper cabinets to block your view. If your main backsplash is a bit plain in color, try a border with bright colors to draw the eye.  If there is a pattern already in place, pull the colors together with a slightly different border pattern with similar hues. 


Border as Small Backsplash 

If you prefer the border to be utilized as a smaller backsplash without having to cover the wall completely to the upper cabinets and behind the stove, consider using the border row as your backsplash.  Borders are usually around 4 inches thick and can be topped off with rope tile to give it a more polished look.  Simply place the border against the countertop with your chosen detail tile on top and you’re ready to go! 


Multiple Row

If you like the idea of a single row border but want it to make a larger statement, try doubling it by installing two parallel single row borders. Place the first row one tile up from the bottom and the second row one tile down from the top, giving space for one or two tiles in between each line. 


Border Frame 

This is a great way to add drama to your backsplash area directly above the stove.  Use the border tile to create a picture frame look.  Be to sure to properly measure the space on the wall to ensure your frame is centered exactly where you want it.  Giving yourself one tile of space on each side is a good rule of thumb.  Once the frame is created, you can fill the center space with whatever design you prefer.  You can use the backsplash tile you already have, arrange mosaic tiles to create a unique pattern that draws in the kitchen’s colors, install special tiles to create a mural inside your frame or even use a ceramic medallion tile to create a focal point.


No matter what you choose, when you install your border at the correct height, it will effortlessly enhance the look of your kitchen.  Contact us today to find the right backsplash border style for you!