Is It Time to Ditch Your Upper Cabinets?

One room in the house where you need as much storage as you can get is the kitchen.  So when you hear about modern kitchens using minimal or even no upper cabinets, you might be left asking yourself how it would be possible to remove the ones in your home and still have room for all the things you need.  Sleek, clean lines are all good and well, but they need to be functional too.  If this kitchen arrangement appeals to you, but you’re not sure how it would work in your home, read on for more details. 


This look is all about decluttering the walls to give the kitchen a lighter, more open appearance.   Decide whether you are ready to commit to removing all cabinets.  If not, you can still make this trend work for you by using one wall for a few upper cabinets and shelves and leaving the rest of the walls bare.  Just removing some of these cabinets will still give your kitchen an airy feeling and with the free space left over you can put the focus on a backsplash that enhances the space.


Once you have decided between keeping one or two cabinets or none, turn your attention to making your lower storage work for you.  The room may not currently be equipped with enough lower cabinets to take on all the items that were in the upper cabinets, so investing in a new set can help with that.  Take stock of all your items and how often you need access them.  You may find that some of your larger appliances are not being often used and can be stored elsewhere in your home.


Favorite upper cabinet items such as glasses, bowls, and plates can be stored using deep, heavy-duty drawers that can support their weight.  Pots and pans can be stored using sliding pull-out shelves for easy access while cooking.  Spatulas, whisks, and other popular countertop utensils can be stored using a narrow lower cabinet installed with multiple recessed canisters.  Hanging racks can be utilized for wine glasses and coffee mugs. 


It may take some time to adjust to the room’s new configuration, but the resulting look will be a showstopper.  Get ahead of this trend today and be the envy of all your guests.