Primary Kitchen Styles

With all the activity going on in the kitchen it’s important to choose a style that works best for your daily needs while fulfilling all your aesthetic requirements.  When it comes to design categories, there are four primary styles from which countless others stem.  When you educate yourself on the basics, you can branch out with some great ideas that customize the kitchen to your particular tastes.



This style is one of the most popularly used for its universal appeal with homebuyers.  Traditional style provides comfort with a light touch of formality through its use of classic materials and colors.  Timelessly appealing flooring like hardwood and ceramic tiles are widely used while countertops have a glossy look and detailed edges.  Crown molding is a well-known feature, and recessed cabinetry makes an elegant statement.  Traditional is a style that doesn’t get too trendy, so it tends to outlast other designs.



This style of kitchen is a hybrid between traditional and contemporary.  Transitional style kitchens combine old elements with new to create a comfortable look you can customize to your many different tastes.  Transitional design is an excellent choice for homeowners whose preferences don’t always coincide with one style.  A good example making this style work for you is having a traditional countertop with contemporary pendant lights above it.  Neutral colors are usually the most used, but this technique also allows for a little bit of design flair here and there throughout the space to keep it from coming across as too plain.



The day’s trends are influential in a contemporary look.  Stainless steel appliances with quartz or granite countertops are popular materials for prospective homebuyers.  Attractive features such as exposed shelving areas are mixed with cabinetry.  The traditional eat-in table is replaced with stools set around an island or raised countertop.  Choosing a contemporary theme will make for a stylish kitchen with a clean look.



A modern style kitchen is very sophisticated in appearance and gives a minimalist vibe to the room.  Functionality is a top priority when it comes to this kitchen style.  Sleek cabinets provide ample storage to keep surfaces from becoming too busy looking.  Appliances and countertops have a more modern appearance, and cabinet hardware is kept straightforward and clean in style.  This choice in design is more futuristic and utilitarian and works well for those who do not like kitchen clutter.