Your Lovely Home Part 2

In Part One of our series we talked about how to get started on your organization journey by deciding to accomplish your goals gradually. We also discussed preparing a to-do list ahead of time and incorporating daily walkthroughs to prevent further clutter. Now it’s time to tackle that list, and we’re here to help you get started. 


Rework Your Cleaning Routine


To make this work, you need to be able to fit your new to-do list in with your current cleaning duties.  An extra 15 minutes of commitment each day will help you reach your goals.  This 15 minute period is also a good time to decide which tasks are daily tasks and which ones can wait a little longer.  Not only are you organizing in a gradual way, but you also have to spread your responsibilities evenly, so you have the best chance of success.  While the kitchen should stay on your day to day list for hygienic reasons, you may find that you can skip a day or two of laundry.  Changing things up will help you find the time to keep your home maintained once the organizational process is complete.


Tackle One Area Each Day


Once you complete your routine tasks, pull out your list and stick to one location.  You have a short block of time to work with, and you do not want to spend it running around all over the house.  At the same time, decide if any items have outlived their usefulness and can be discarded. Check for expired products in the bathroom, paperwork in the home office that can be shredded or old clothing in your closet that can be donated. Taking the time to remove these items will save you space when you tidy that particular area up. Once 15 minutes has passed, move on with your day.  Keep in mind that each task may take more than 15 minutes to complete but maintaining this limit will conserve your energy in the long run.  Don’t worry, in time you will start to see some significant changes.


Consider Purchasing Organizational Supplies


While you work each day on organizing a different section of your home, think about its functionality.  Sometimes just purchasing organizational supplies will make it easier for you to keep things clean.  Organization could be as simple as using plastic containers and a label maker so that items have a designated space and can be easily retrieved.  Installing wooden shelves can help display items that may have been taking up space in a box on the floor.  If pictures are lying around, find a frame for them and hang them up.  Give each item purpose and make it work for you.


For more tips on how to organize your home, please read on in Part Three of our series!