Your Lovely Home Part 3

In the second part of our series, we discussed reworking your daily cleaning routine and dedicating an extra 15 minutes a day to organizing your home.  We also talked about how purchasing supplies to give each item a designated area will help you keep them maintained once the process is complete.  In the final part of our series we will be discussing making your living space work for you, keeping surface areas clean and being open to making adjustments to the process as you go along.


Consider Rearranging Space


While you may have gotten started on organizing each room of your home and purchasing supplies that will help keep things clean, look at the configuration of each space. Having the room arranged in a way that is not conducive to cleanliness can contribute to the problem.  Are there items that are hard to reach or difficult to put away? Simply moving some things around so there is a direct line to where they need to be can give you the motivation to see a task through. If it feels like you have to walk through a maze to return an item to its spot, then it’s time to create a path.


Simplify Your Surface Areas


While you are making sure that the floors, walls and storage areas are clean, do not forget your open surface spots.  Counters, dressers, and TV stands are all good examples of places in your house that may end up with a bunch of random items on top of them.  Keep these areas as free from clutter as you can.  Cleared areas are easier to wipe down during the day.  Having to remove the items, dust them off, clean the surface area and then return them to their spot can be a deterrent from cleaning due to the time involved. 


Remain Open to Change


As your routine evolves each day, keep note of what is working and what’s not.  Always be open to making little tweaks here and there to make your organization project work for you.  Every plan is not one size fits all, so try out these methods and customize them as you go along. You may find that you have more time for organizing if you space your household chores correctly.  More time will help you reach your goals more quickly.  Also allow yourself time to take a break if you are having an overwhelming day.  You need to be your best, and the tasks will still be there tomorrow.


We hope you enjoyed our series on home organization. Check back with us for more ideas on how to make your living space work for you!