Your Lovely Home

Have you ever looked around your home and tried to remember the last time it was as clean as you wanted it to be? Life gets busy, and things go to the wayside.  With family obligations, meals to prepare, children to keep track of and animals to care for, keeping your house immaculate can seem impossible. While you can’t always achieve perfection, try adjusting your expectations to being the best you can be to make life easier and more organized.


Time & Dedication


One thing is sure in this process: it is not a quick fix. The way to get your household operating at your desired standards is to give it time and make a commitment to see it through.  Trying to change everything at once is a simple way to set yourself up for failure.  Make small changes each week that will steadily improve your daily life without overwhelming you every day. 


Make a List & Delegate Responsibilities


A good way to get started it to make a list of the goals you want to achieve when everything’s said and done. Having a clear picture of your expectations will help prepare you for how long each task will take and what kind of support you will require to complete the job. Make a list for each room and include all the things that are important to you for keeping the area clean.  Once you have completed a thorough list, your next priority is to see what items you can delegate to the other people in your household, be it your spouse, children or other live-in family members.  Everyone contributes to the messes that happen in your home so they can also contribute to cleaning them up as well.


Incorporate Daily Walkthroughs


Once you have determined each person’s responsibility, you can start taking steps towards making your home beautiful again.  Make an effort each day to do a walkthrough of your home for misplaced items.  Using a spare hamper or box, walk through each room and place the wayward items inside. Make sure they are returned to their rightful place, not just inside the room they are supposed to be in.  The key to starting this whole process is to not add to the current mess you are trying to clean. By doing just one walkthrough a day, you can stay on top of any additional messes that can pile up while you are trying to get your home organized.


For more tips on how to organize your home, please read on in Part Two of our series!