Learning the Basics of Interior Design Part 1

Perhaps, the most exciting part of having your own place is having the opportunity to add your own sense of style and functionality through design. A home that is well decorated sets a mood that reflects the individual’s dwelling in it.  While the design process sounds fun it’s a challenging task that requires preparation. To achieve the best results, you’ll need some guidance. This mini guide will help you kick off your design process by teaching you the basics of interior design.


Figure Out the Use of Each Room

Before you start picking out paint colors and curtains you first must determine what each room will be used for. Yes, a room’s design is heavily influenced by its intended use. You can create confusion in your design when you assign multiple tasks to one room.


Plan for Space

Space is an important principle of design and you should take it into consideration when determining the layout of your furniture and decorative pieces. Your floor plans should allow you and your guests to be able to easily walk through the room. Avoid space plans that requires you to walk through a community of furniture. Instead, create balance and proportion by evenly distributing furniture throughout the room.


Set the Mood

  • What will be the mood or feeling of each room? Yes, the mood is set through colors, patterns and the style of furniture that you select. When establishing a mood, you first must select a theme. Figuring out what the theme of a room will be can be tough. You can start off by getting an inspiration piece. An inspiration piece can be a picture or something as simple as a decorative pillow. A pillow with floral prints can inspire a floral print theme living room consisting of hardwood floors, a floral area rug and black sofa to emphasize the floral design.