Learning the Basics of Interior Design Part 2

In part two of Learning the Basics of Interior Design we’ll function on how you can add style in your decor selections. During the decoration process you should look through magazines and websites like Pinterest to gain inspiration. Pulling inspiration from other sources will provide you with ideas on how you can design your home.


Create A Focal Point

Each room should have a focal point or an area of interest. Some rooms have natural areas of interest. This can be a fireplace or big floor to ceilings windows. If the room doesn’t have a natural focal point than you can create such an area by implementing decorative elements such as a bold rug or a dynamic art piece.


Set Out A Lighting Scheme

These days lighting is everything in a design scheme. Your lighting sources should be selected based on the functions of each room. Does the room require direct or indirect lighting? This is determined based on the intended function for the room. Does the lighting source need to simply brighten the room for reading purposes or will this be the family room where you’ll watch television?


Selecting Color Hues

Here comes the fun part; playing with colors. Remember, the colors used in a room should reflect the theme of the space. Design professionals suggest that you limit a room to three colors. The first color should be the dominant hues that can be found on the walls and carpet. The secondary color can be noticed in the fabrics and accessories you implement. Finally, the third color is using sparingly just to slightly maximize visual interest.


Furniture Selection

Of course, your furnishing is an important element in the design scheme. Furnishing should not only complement the theme but it should be functional. Some furniture pieces may add function but the style and color throws off the entire design of the room. In this event, you can use slipcovers, paint and other accessories to mask the differences.


Are you ready to tackle the design process? Remember to be daring and make sure that your home’s design reflects you.