Trends in Decor

You consider yourself to be pretty stylish, but in your own way. Keeping up the current decorating trends has been a lot of work for you in the past. Decorating should be about adding your personality to a space and you get that. But you want to make a change, you are tired of your current decor and want a new look. Where do you start? Here are some trendy decorating tips for any style: 


Add life to the space with greenery 

Plants are amazing decor pieces for several reasons. Number one, they provide an easy way to add a pop of color to any space. Number two, plants hold a lot of natural beauty and that never goes out of style.

Incorporate lighting that makes a statement 

Lighting comes in all shapes and sizes nowadays. The current lighting obsession is “Edison Light Bulbs.” These energy-efficient lights add a classic touch to any room while creating warmth from their hue. 

Black is the new black

Let us face it, black will always be in style. No matter what trends seem to pop up, black always remains relevant. Adding black to a room’s decor will make the pieces timeless. Black is a pretty safe bet when you are decorating your house. 

Make storage stylish

Storing items is a necessity for any home. Baskets are a stylish alternative to just storing items in basic bins. Baskets are a great piece of decor that can be left out without taking away from the style of the room. 

Think about the item’s amount of storage when you go to buy new furniture. When purchasing a coffee table, make sure you can utilize the drawers. 

Warm up with a cozy rug

Rugs are great for small and large spaces. They can add to the overall design of the room while adding comfort to your feet. 

Update old furniture pieces 

Reconsider getting rid of some of your furniture pieces and think of ways you could redesign them. Redesigning furniture can include changing its paint color, adding different legs, switching the knobs, etc. Redesigning your current pieces helps save money and puts your personal spin on the piece of furniture. 

When in doubt, keep it simple

Simplicity is always in style. When searching for new decor, think about how long it will be trendy. Neutral tones are more likely to remain stylish than certain bold colors. 


Remember to let your own personal style drive your decorating decisions. There is nothing more trendy than your personal take on style. Focus your energy on creating a room that captivates your take on various trends.