Adding Warmth to Any Room

Every home has its own unique style and every room is a new opportunity to convey the personality of its residents through the choice of fabrics, colors and furniture. While some designs give a natural sense of warmth to a room, it may not be so obvious in others. This can be easily remedied by mixing different textures and placing focus on certain items to bring the space up to speed and give it that welcoming feeling you are looking for.


Color is one of the best ways to add warmth to a room. If your walls have cooler tones like blues and greens, try using warmer colors for your accent pieces like pillows, flower vases or lamps. Warm browns, reds and yellows will instantly inject vitality and comfort to the room without having to make huge changes in decor.


Texture is another great way to add depth to the room’s look and warm it up at the same time. A chunky knit throw hanging over the side of a leather couch, a natural wood sculpture in the corner of the room and antique gilded mirror hanging on the wall are all quick fixes if your current setup isn’t feeling so cozy.


Don’t forget about your lighting! Natural light is always best. Make sure it can find its way through the room by tying back your curtains during the day. Use mirrors and glass to assist the light in reaching as much surface area as possible. Changing your bulbs out for ones that emit a soft yellow glow will also instantly make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Controlling the amount of light you need through a dimmer will help you control the mood of the room depending on the time of day.


Finally, try implementing some natural elements into the space through potted plants, a wooden mantelpiece or a hand-woven basket for holding reading materials next to your favorite chair. Pay attention to your floor choice.  Many natural materials are available.  Incorporating materials from nature not only relaxes you but it’s earthy qualities give you a sense of being grounded that in turn makes you feel quite at home in your surroundings.