Design Ideas for Rooms with Vaulted Ceilings

Having a vaulted ceiling in your home is one of the most desirable looks out there. It instantly makes any room feel spacious and full of possibilities. Making sure that you utilize this beautiful feature in your home will ensure that you create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests. Here are a few ideas that will showcase your vaulted ceilings.


Character is something that is easily added to this architectural feature. While standard ceilings may have some crown molding added for effect, a vaulted ceiling can benefit from a slight variation in paint color from your walls, large wooden beams over planks and wider crown molding to ensure it is not dwarfed by the depth of the space.


Lighting is very important when dealing with a higher ceiling. Brighter bulbs are necessary to reach every space in the evening time. Recessed can lighting gives the area a smooth appearance while the center of the room can handle a large hanging chandelier for a real show-stopping look.


Natural light is just as important as artificial sources for vaulted ceilings as well. Installing skylights make a striking effect on the room. If this is not an option, French windows and doors all along the wall that has the best view from the home will make it seem like a vacation destination. Add an accent window on top in a complementary shape to the below windows to bring the eye upward.


Vaulted ceilings also give you the opportunity to create stunning built-ins that can hold books, an entertainment center or simple statuettes and antiques you may have collected over time. If there is a large open wall space that seems bare, try placing large artwork or iron pieces on the wall to make a statement. Corners can be filled with tall, indoor potted plants or a beautiful sculpture.


Don’t be afraid to use slightly larger furniture, tables and other assorted items to decorate the space as the ceiling will help provide proportion to the room. Windows can also benefit from taller, more grand drapery to create drama as well. You have a much-coveted home feature, do your very best to help it shine!