Creating a Mediterranean Bathroom

Choosing a new style for a bathroom is important. There are many options from which to choose, and one popular choice is Mediterranean. It originates in the countries located on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain, Turkey, Italy, and France to name a few. This style is elegant and relaxing. Here are a few key features.


Tile is often a trademark of a Mediterranean bathroom. The tile can be the flooring, backsplash or even walls. A traditional Mediterranean tile for flooring is terracotta. Terracotta tile is made naturally, which is a plus. It is also very durable; it lasts a long time. It is important to make sure you are buying quality tile though to get the maximum benefit. Terracotta tile is also very porous which makes it easier on your feet. Since it is porous, it is important that it’s sealed properly so that it will hold up to the moisture, stains, and scratches. Terracotta tile is also not as cold as other tile options, which it makes it more comfortable to walk on barefoot.


Mosaics are also a key feature; they are very common to Mediterranean décor. Mosaics can be included through a beautiful backsplash, accessories, wall hangings, wall tile, or flooring. Mosaics can be created using many different colors from simple black and white to other traditionally Mediterranean colors such as blue, olive and lavender.


Another key feature of a Mediterranean bathroom is curves or arches in different areas such as mirrors, showers, toilet stalls, entrances, and furniture. Another area you can integrate arches and curves is light fixtures. From wall sconces to accent lights, the possibilities are great.


Wrought iron and ceramics are key features in a Mediterranean bathroom. You could have a wrought iron pieces on the wall, or a wrought-iron framed mirror hanging over the vanity. Ceramics can be added as accessories like soap dispensers, soap holders, toothbrush holders, and vases.


Finally, color is also a key to achieving a Mediterranean look. There are several options such as bright blue, which is popular in the Greek isles. Pure white is also very popular. Yellow, warm orange, and red are reminiscent of the Italian coast. A few other options are turquoise blues, lavender, and olive.