Afforadable Dream Dining Room

Dining rooms are where families meet for dinner, talk about their days, share in laughter, and enjoy one another’s company. When decorating, dining rooms can be put on the back burner to rooms like the kitchen and living room. But why not spend time making your dining room spectacular? We want to help you turn your boring dining room into an elegant escape without breaking the bank.


Tips for an Affordable “Dream” Dining Room: 

  • Been there, painted that

Wallpaper can be a great solution for homeowners looking for textured walls. If you are not ready to dive back into this retro wall styling again, try using stencils and paint to create a patterned look.

  • It will be lit

The main focal point of dining rooms is typically the chandelier. Homeowners want to captivate guest’s attention to their exquisite light fixture. If you are looking for inexpensive version, check your local antique shops for rustic chandeliers. You can even spray paint the antique fixture a solid color to make it look brand new. 

  • Mix & match

Seating does not need to be all the same style anymore. Mixing and matching seating is trendy and affordable. Go to your local thrift shop and search for a bench to put under your dining room table. This look gives the room a modern twist. 

  • Make a statement.

Statement walls are a necessity in dining rooms. From a bold color wall to a gallery wall, you can easily transform the space with a simple statement. The best part is that statement walls can be really affordable. You can incorporate some of your favorite pictures and decor to make an affordable gallery wall. 

  • Bring in the outdoors

Add flowers and plants into your dining room to bring life into the room. Nature can give subtle pops of color throughout the room without being obvious. 

  • Don’t forget the floor.

Often, the floor is the last thing on your mind when decorating.  But your entire space can be transformed just by changing the flooring type.  Replace carpet with wood or tile for a more formal dining room.  Add an area rug or simply change it for a rug with a more daring design.  You will be amazed at how quickly your room can take on a new tone!