Designing a Mediterranean Style Kitchen

A kitchen is a place in your home where warm conversations take place, and people gather to prepare food and share life. Choosing the right style is an important part of creating that sacred space where memories are made.  The Mediterranean style comes from Italy, Spain, Greece, and France, and it’s full of warmth, natural hues, and natural materials. It is a wonderful style to give your kitchen that classic feel. Choosing a Mediterranean style kitchen also gives you a vast array of options to choose from in color and style because there are several different countries under the Mediterranean umbrella. There are some key features of a Mediterranean kitchen though that give it that authentic feel.

To begin, lighting is a key feature in a Mediterranean kitchen. There are multiple options to choose from such as wrought iron chandeliers, and suspension lighting with frosted glass and tea stained. Another option is lighting with rusted gold or burnt metals with carved details with a botanic theme. Finally, stone or amber glass shades and wrought iron fixtures are also very standard features of Mediterranean lighting.

Wrought iron is another staple in a Mediterranean kitchen. There are multiple ways to integrate wrought iron into the kitchen such as wrought iron wall art, a wrought iron chandelier or light fixtures, or nick knacks spread throughout the kitchen.

Stucco walls are a great way to add texture to your Mediterranean kitchen. Texture is also a key feature for a Mediterranean style kitchen.

Tiles are an integral feature of a Mediterranean kitchen. There are many ways to incorporate tile into your kitchen. You could choose tile flooring, tile walls or tile backsplash. Warm earthy tones are popular in Mediterranean décor, and hand painted mosaic on the tiles.

Incorporate arches wherever possible. Arches are very popular in Mediterranean décor. Consider an arched doorway or artwork for the wall that has arches.

Mediterranean colors vary from red, orange, and yellow to more earthy hues. There are many ways to incorporate these colors in a kitchen from choosing cookware and dishes with these colors to wall art, floor tiles, wall tiles, tile backsplash, and tablecloths.

Mediterranean style cookware is another thing you can add to your kitchen. Not only will it add to the authentic look and feel of your kitchen, but it will also enhance the taste of your Mediterranean dishes. Some popular Mediterranean cookware options are cast iron fry pans for versatile dishes, or for earthy flavors have clay pots and pans. Include mortar and pestle for that authentic experience of freshly crushed herbs and spices. Quality baking dishes are always a must have for that perfect pan of lasagna!

Finally, dark wood is not only beautiful but also a popular feature for Mediterranean kitchens. There are many ways to integrate wood into a kitchen and some ideas are a wooden island, exposed wooden beams in the ceiling, wood floors, a wooden kitchen table, or cabinets.

These are a few key features to include when decorating a Mediterranean style kitchen.