The Ultimate Guest Room Getaway

From parents to friends, hosting guests is a big deal. You want to make sure that they are comfortable and happy during their stay at your house. They chose to stay at your house over staying at a hotel that means a lot. To help make sure your guest room is top notch, we have a list of five tips for the ultimate guest room getaway.


The Ultimate Guest Room Getaway

Tip No. One: Cozy on up.

The comfort of your guests is important to you; therefore, when you are shopping for the room you want to buy the best you can. Purchase high-thread-count sheets, a thick blanket, and a beautiful comforter/duvet. Finish the bed off with some plush pillows. 

Tip No. Two: They do not need to ask. 

Meet your guest’s needs before they arrive. Stock the room with towels and extra blankets. Place some good books for them to read on the nightstand. The books can also serve as a stylish decor piece. Inside the nightstand, store travel-sized toiletries for the guests to use like shampoo, toothpaste, and soap. If you have extra room, consider putting a coffee station in the room for them to make coffee, tea, and other drinks. 

Tip No. Three: Stylish staple pieces. 

Think about the items you use every day in your bedroom and make sure to include those pieces in your guest bedroom. Big mirrors and beautiful clocks are essentials for your spare room. 

Tip No. Four: Light up the night.

Be sure to place a bedside lamp next to the bed for your guests to read or do work at night. This way they will not disturb the rest of the house by turning on the main lights at night. 

Tip No. Five: Finish off with flowers. 

Before your guests arrive, run to your local florists or grocery store to pick up some fresh, beautiful flowers. The flowers will add a special touch to the well-planned room. 


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