Five Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Home

These days, a lot of modern homes lack architectural details and they use bland lighting fixtures. If your home is looking a bit flat it’s time to add some character to your space. Here are some easy and affordable ways you can bring some charm to your home.


Install a Ceiling Medallion

If you’re looking for a way to add a hint of elegance to your living room area than you should consider purchasing a ceiling medallion. Many homeowners tend to overlook decorating the ceiling. Attaching a ceiling medallion requires little effort. In fact, you can attach it to the ceiling with glue or caulk adhesive.


Add Trim to the Windows

Most modern homes lack window trims. Such a small detail can make a world of a difference in the house overall look. Window trim can provide a more finished appearance. The best part of it all is that you can complete this project yourself.


Faux Fireplace

Everyone knows that fireplaces add both charm and elegance to your space. If you’re seeking to take things up several notches it’s time to add in a fireplace. Installing a fireplace can start at approximately $2500. However, you can purchase a faux fireplace that heats and lights up like a real one for under $500.


Vintage Knobs

Yes, it’s time to replace the standard knobs on the doors and cabinets with something more vintage. A subtle change like this can have a dramatic effect.


Play with Bold Colors

Neutral colors are always safe. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and play with bold colors. Consider painting one of the rooms in your home a bold and electric color.


Dress up the walls

Most American homes have plain drywall that lacks creative details. Let your blank walls serve as a canvas. One way you can dress up the wall is by creating a floor to ceiling gallery wall. You can use family photos or pictures of places you’ve visited. You can also consider adding a wallpaper decal to the walls by using glue or a stick-on wallpaper decal.