Five Tips for Decorating Like a Pro

There’s nothing that gets you going like the opportunity to completely decorate a blank canvas or update your home’s decor. You’ve spent numerous hours on Pinterest looking for some inspiration now you finally have the chance to put your creative brain to work.  While designing a space can be exciting it’s also a tough process that can definitely get overwhelming.  That’s why we’re letting you in on some of the insider secrets of decorating like a pro.


Don’t be in a rush to purchase furniture

Be sure to take your time when investing in furniture for your home. You don’t want to rush the process just so you can fill up the empty space. Shop around and only buy furniture that you absolutely love. It’s important to create a space that you’ll  thoroughly enjoy.


Go with your gut feeling

Relying on your instincts during the design process is crucial. Sometimes the endless possibilities can make the decision-making process so difficult. But what was your first choice? When you go with your initial feelings you’ll likely be happier with the results.


Remember the light

Between the wall treatments and floor plans, lighting often gets left out of the equation. However, the right lighting strategy can have a dramatic effect. It sets the mood as well as highlight the room’s best features. Chandeliers, lamps and other types of lighting fixtures can be the perfect accessories to dress up the room.


Avoid over-designing

With so many ideas running through your head you might be tempted to find a way to combine several different elements in one space. This will make the room look cluttered and tacky. You want your home to feel like it’s been curated over time not like you purchased a bunch items at once.


Create an area of emphasis

Every room needs a focal point or an element of surprise. The location of the element will be the conversation piece when your guests enter and it will tie in the overall look. This element should be bold and stand out from the rest of the elements in the room