Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic decorative piece that can be over or underused. While typically we think of mirrors to go on bathroom walls, their purpose has become so much more over the years. Homeowners have begun to incorporate mirrors as works of art rather than just a way to look at yourself every now and then. Here are our tips for incorporating mirrors into your home’s decor: 


  1. Reflect Light

Mirrors are perfect in rooms that bare a lot of light because they can enhance the brightness. If you are looking to brighten up your space naturally, add a mirror on the opposite wall of the window and it will reflect natural light back into the room. 

  1. Expand the Room

Mirrors are known to make rooms look larger than they actually are; therefore, the placement of your mirror can add depth to a space without extra square footage. Mirrors play an illusion on our minds and make the room look larger. The key is to place a mirror horizontally on the wall of the room you want to make look bigger. The correct placement can make a tiny space look more open and inviting. 

  1. Place in a Collection

Find a collection of small, decorative mirrors to place on one wall together. Mirrors are great decorative pieces and you can make instant artwork by using several mirrors in one area. Incorporate them into your gallery wall, line them up in a row, or scatter them on your desktop. 

  1. Express Art

Giant, bold, beautiful mirrors can be displayed as pieces of artwork in rooms like your living room or bedrooms. Homeowners should place these mirrors to be the focal point of the room because they tend to draw a lot of attention. 

  1. Angled in Position.

If you decide to decorate with a giant mirror, place the mirror at an angle leaning against a wall. This will help give the illusion of a larger space and makes the mirror look more decorative. 

  1. No Natural Light

Yes, mirrors are perfect for rooms that have a lot of natural light, but they are also great for rooms that do not have any natural light. Just place some candles in front of the mirror and it will light up the room with a warm glow. 


If you are looking to save money, search for old mirrors that you can refurbish and bring back to life with some new paint! We hope you enjoyed these tips for incorporating mirrors into your home’s decor.