The One-Hour Kitchen Clean

From dishes to dirt, kitchens seem to always get filthy. Would not it be amazing if we could cook without having to clean? Maybe that is why going out to eat or getting take out some nights sounds so much better than cooking yourself. There is no need to dread cleaning your kitchen anymore because you can now clean your kitchen in an hour.


One-Hour Clean for Your Kitchen: 

Preparation: Set aside an hour on your day off to tackle your kitchen. In doing so, you will have more motivation than just trying to squeeze it in one random day. 


0:00-15:00- The Fridge & The Pantry

Start your one-hour clean off by cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry. Take these 15 minutes to throw away any old or expired food. You may find some empty cereal boxes and jars that you can recycle. If you have non-perishable food items that you do not plan on using, consider donating them to your local food pantry. 


15:00-30:00- Dishes

This time will be spent organizing your cupboards and moving around items. Sort through your dishes and discard any that are chipped or cracked. If you do not like the current layout, use this time to rearrange some items in your kitchen. Remember that you can recycle your glasses and donate your unused, good condition dishes. Put everything back into its proper place then you are ready to move onto the next step.


30:00-45:00- Small Kitchen Appliances

Take into consideration the use and importance of each small appliance. If you never use it and it continues to gather dust, donate it. If you use it only seasonally, store it on one of the higher shelves. Now, sort through all of your pots and pans to determine their quality. Throw them out if they are no longer in good shape. 


45:00-60:00- Sanitize & Clean. Now that you have probably broken a sweat, it is time to wipe down all the counters and appliances. Remove fingerprints from your large appliances and stains for your countertops. If you have time, you can polish your cabinets with some wood cleaner. 


Yay!! You did it! Now you can reward yourself after all your hard work. 


Notes for the future: Maximize your kitchen to work for you, rather than the opposite.  Make sure surfaces are easy to clean and choose a material that doesn’t harbor mold or bacteria.  Tile is the most popular material in the kitchen for a reason!  It will not absorb odors, it can be easily sanitized, and clean up is a breeze.  Tile is perfect for the floor, counters, and backsplash in your kitchen!