Breathe Life Into a Neutral Palette

When designing a room, many people tend to stick to the comfort and ease of neutral colors. While an all neutral palette creates a space that is easy on the eyes, warm, and sophisticated, the neutrals can begin to wash out and the end result is a bland space. How can you successfully execute a neutral color scheme? Read on to find out.

  • Use variations of the neutral hue

If you’re afraid to design with color, try using different shades of the neutral color throughout the room. Yes, you’ll want to take a monochromatic approach. Whether the dominant color is green or taupe you can apply several undertones of the color. For example, in an olive green and taupe living room, you use the darkest of the shade on the windows. So might incorporate dark green drapes, a taupe couch with a mix of chocolate and light green pillows.  For a dramatic effect, contrast your couch with your coffee table and accessories by using either the darkest or lighter variation of the specific color.

  • Contrast with textures

Utilizing just one texture in a room of neutrals is guaranteed to make the design fall flat.  If you have a microfiber or suede couch then try adding hints of leather and matte textures. Light absorbs and reflects various textures differently. Try to use a mixture of high and low-quality textures.

  • Create interest with shapes

Since we’ve removed the color element from the design, it’s time to play around with shapes to really catch the attention of your guests. You might use side tables or an ottoman that features a unique shape. Chairs and sofas with details on the arm and legs also work.

  • Play with patterns

Don’t shy away from patterns. A large-scale pattern on the upholstery that features colors from your neutral palette allows you to stick to the theme while creating some visual interest. You can also use pattern pillows and textiles. You’ll notice that many pattern pieces also had different textures. Some have a shine to them while other is matte.

  • Mix up your neutrals

Brown, white, black are some colors that are part of a neutral palette. Try mixing in other neutrals and shades of this color to create a unique look.

We hope this quick tutorial helps with your decorating! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.