Color Palette – Green

If you plan on use green in your home’s decor scheme, know that there are numerous possibilities. There are many different variations of this hue that when used correctly can seamlessly blend in with your home’s decor.  As mother nature’s favorite color, green can be used anywhere in the home including on the walls, in your furnishing and as an accent piece. Here are some interesting ideas for a green color palette.



Pale Green as a Wall Color

Pale green also known as mint green is a fun color to use on the walls because it instantly adds a feminine flair. You can use such a color in any room of the house but it works best in areas such as the living room and bedroom. When using mint green as a wall color you can combine with another bold color palettes such as pink and yellow. Add some pattern for some additional spice.


Apple Green in Kitchen

Imagine apple green in your kitchen. Such a color will give your kitchen a unique and vibrant look. You can employ this color by painting your cabinets apple green. Whether you have an open or closed cabinetry setup this color will be the focal point of your kitchen.


Emerald Green as an Accent

Use a rich emerald variation of green in your furnishing so that it makes a room pop. For instance, in the dining area, you can swap out traditional wood chairs for an interesting look. You can revamp your old dining chairs by spray painting them the emerald hue.


Striped Lime Green Tiles

Who needs coffee when bold lime green tiles in your bathroom are enough to revive you especially in the morning. Floor to ceiling lime green tiles in the bathroom that’s even extended in the showers stall gives a look to the bathroom that you’ve probably never seen before.


Spring Green Walls In the Bedroom

Spring green is a great hue to use on your bedroom wall. When using spring green on the walls you can leave the ceilings white. Combined with a few accents of blue and orange will add interest around the entire room.


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