The Key to a Cozy Home: Part One

Everywhere you go you will encounter a variety of home styles, but there is something to be said for a house that has a special quality that can only be described as “homey”. It is this type of space that immediately makes you feel welcome and at home no matter where you are. You may not be able to put your finger on what makes you feel this way but you simply relax in this place.

There is a reason for this. Creating a homey space requires more than one thing. It is a collection of decoration ideas that work seamlessly together in harmony to build the comfortable environment you see when you enter these types of homes. In this blog series, we will give you some tips on how to create an intimate and cozy home space of your own.


Creating a sense of welcome from the moment guests arrive at your home is important and this hospitable look needs to start at your home’s entrance. If you have a front porch, try some outdoor seating like a padded bench or two rocking chairs with cushions accompanied by a small side table that invites passersby to sit and have some refreshment. Adding some hanging or potted plants is also a nice touch. Remember to have sufficient lighting for evening calls as well. A front stoop, while smaller in size, can still be decorated on each side of the entryway with seasonal items as well as a festive door hanging or elegant door knocker.


Once your guests step through the front door, have a place ready for them to hang up coats and deposit their shoes. An entryway storage bench with hooks and drawers is perfect.  A sturdy but beautiful rug to greet them at the entrance will feel soft underfoot once they have removed their footwear and will give them a silent signal that it is okay to relax. Again, potted plants at the entrance help bring some of that earthy feeling indoors and soften the area if it seems a little too formal. A small wooden entryway table is also great for depositing keys and other knick-knacks on the way in.


Join us for our next installment to continue your home’s cozy theme!