The Key to a Cozy Home: Part Three

As you make your way through your home, the lighting, seating, and furniture being made to feel less formal and more charming move on to incorporating different textures that will instantly add warmth to your space with little effort.


One quick and easy way to do this include adding a plush throw blanket draped over the side of a leather couch or dramatic ceiling to floor drapery with elegant pullbacks. Woven baskets filled with potpourri in your powder rooms will add an appealing aroma as well as an earthy touch. Fresh flowers in vases scattered around the home can also add some cheer. 


Don’t leave out your walls in all this decorating. A soft paint color would do wonders for bringing the room together, as would some amazing art. Leaving large sections of wall space empty can give a home an unfinished look, so be sure to show that area some love. Use a deeper pile for area rugs and throw some pillows down as well.


If your ceiling has exposed wooden beams, keep them in their natural state and fight the urge to add a coat of paint. The more natural your inside decor looks, the more relaxed it will make you feel. Enjoy the natural elements of your home, like exposed brick or natural stone tiles. Even decorating around your fireplace will soothe the senses. A natural wood mantle with seasonal decor on top would be perfect.


For extra coziness, try to create a nook area where you and your guests can feel free to wander off to for some alone time. This can be a window seat with cushions and pillows or banquet seating in the corner of a room with storage drawers beneath and accompanying table. Fill the cabinets with blankets, books or board games to accommodate anyone who wants to have fun alone or with others.


This decor revolves around creating a welcoming experience that has the ability to cater to any of you or your guests’ personalities. Enjoy the work you have put into all the little details because they are sure to make a huge impact overall.


Next, join us for our final installment in our Cozy Home series!