The Key to a Cozy Home: Part Two

Now that the entryway has had a cozy makeover, let’s move deeper into the home to keep the theme going. It does not matter if you have a home of distinctly separate common rooms or an open floor concept. You can add small touches to each area to make it warmer.

First, think about your lighting. If your home has a large amount of natural light, take advantage of it. There is nothing better than fresh, beautiful sunshine. For nighttime, however, the use of various levels of lighting cannot be recommended enough! Having the ability to set the mood no matter what hour you are entertaining will definitely influence you and your guests in a positive way. Harsh lighting can make things feel stale and formal. Try softer lightbulbs dimmed slightly and this will give the room a relaxed vibe. Additionally, even if they are not used often, strategically placing candles around your home will also give it some ambiance.


Your next priority is seating. It can be dining room chairs or comfy living room seats, just make sure you have more than enough. Guests may not all want to bunch up together in any given space right away, so providing a little extra room will feel more accommodating. Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture as well. It will help lend a casual air to your space and put guests at ease and keep the festivities less rigid.


This idea can also be extended to your plates and silverware. When things are a little too perfect it can set too formal of a tone. Sprinkle different drinking glasses around the table and don’t be afraid to keep the fancy china in your hutch.


Use built-in shelving to make a statement in your living room or study but keep it casual by breaking up the way you fill them. Display some books, followed by some artistic pieces, and round it out with family photos and souvenirs from previous vacations. You want to bring across your life story while making your guests feel comfortable enough to walk up to your shelves and check out the highlights.


Join us for Part Three of our series to help you create a cozy home!