Four Tips for a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a resale. Aside from bathrooms, kitchens will play a big role in a buyer’s decision process. Whether you are renovating for yourself or a future resale, updating your kitchen can be a fantastic idea. To help you, we have created four tips for you to use during your renovation. Let us get started! 


4 Tips for a Kitchen Renovation

Tip #1: Lit. 

    • The lighting you use in your kitchen can be more important than you might think. You want the lighting to be focused on your specific “work areas.” Areas like the sink, stove, and island will be your focus. 
    • When you choose the lighting for these areas, you want it to provide a significant amount of light. Since you are working with knives and hot tools, it can be imperative for you to see what you are doing. To help avoid injury and make life a little easier, we recommend “spotlighting” these important areas.

Tip #2: The Backsplash.

Your backsplash can be very diverse. Typically, a backsplash is used to add design and style to your space, but it can also help protect our walls from food splashing. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but backsplash provides a layer of protection for our kitchen surfaces. Be sure to add a gorgeous backsplash to your kitchen during the renovation. 

Tip #3: Island

An island can be an incredible space for prep-work. They provide extra kitchen counter space while adding to the overall look of the room. If you are planning on using your island for prepping, be sure to add a sink. The sink will add ease of mind when prepping and cooking your favorite meals. Plus, consider adding storage on the outside walls of the island. A little bit of storage can go a long way! Be sure to talk to your contractor about all of the kitchen island possibilities. 

Tip #4: Convenience

During a remodel, you can add those special features that you wish you always had. Items like a pot-filler, wine cooler or lazy-susan can transform your space and personalize it to your taste. Be sure to mention your interests to your contractor and see what you can add to your space. 


With a kitchen renovation underway, you will need new flooring from a company that you can trust! Rely on us to be your number one flooring provider! We will work hard to transform your space in a timely matter. Contact us today for information on our pricing and services.