2018’s Hottest Pattern Trends

With 2018 in full swing, the new year brings new design trends. Let us take a look at what we believe will be 2018’s hottest pattern trends! 


2018’s Hottest Pattern Trends

Pattern 1: Quatrefoil.

The ultimate elegant statement fabric is quatrefoil. This beautiful print sits perfectly on nearly any sofa and adds a touch of elegance and class into every room. 

    • Pairs well with Solids. 

Pattern 2: Buffalo Check.

Forever a classic and one of our favorites is buffalo check. It works well in nearly every home and creates a lovable farm feeling. 

    • Pairs well with Polka-Dots 

Pattern 3: Watercolor Brush Strokes.

One of the freshest styles that you can have is watercolor brush strokes. This relaxing look is subtle yet beautiful. Try working this pattern into your pillows or bedspread to create a calming oasis in your bedroom. 

    • Pairs well with Florals. 

Pattern 4: Tribal.

Forever a favorite in homeowner’s hearts, tribal print has become reinvented and is taking the industry by storm. The pattern’s look has become a little different over the years, but we are still in love with tribal print. 

    • Pairs well with Solids. 

Pattern 5: Botanical.

From plants to flowers, the botanical patterns have become a recent trend over the past couple of years. You will find succulent-inspired pillows all over the market nowadays and we love how this trend pairs with other patterns. To maximize your botanical pattern, be sure to mix it with nonorganic shapes and patterns. 

    • Pairs well with Stripes and Nonorganic Shapes. 

Pattern 6: Abstract Shapes.

If you love bold patterns, abstract shapes are the choice for you! They create a unique pattern that demands attention. This look is definitely for the thrill-seeker. 

    • Pairs well with Organic Patterns. 

Pattern 7: Herringbone.

Not only do we love the herringbone design in floors, but we also love it as a pattern. This design takes a trendy twist on chevron and we are in love! If you are interested in learning more about a Herringbone floor design, contact one of our sales representatives for more information. 

    • Pairs well with Stripes or Solids. 

Pattern 8: Floral.

Always a classic, floral of course is one of 2018’s hottest trends. Designers are recreating the old floral designs and making them brand new! For an updated, chic look, be sure to incorporate florals into your home. 

    • Pairs well with Stripes or Polka-Dots. 

Pattern 9: Ikat.

Ikat demands attention in a room. If you decide to use Ikat, you will want to incorporate it in smaller portions to not become overwhelming. But that being said, this pattern is amazing! It is different and allows homeowners to become creative with their design. 

    • Pairs well with Floral or Plaid. 

Pattern 10: Imperial Trellis.

Imperial trellis evokes a sense of class. For a sophisticated, classic look, be sure to use imperial trellis throughout your home. 

    • Pairs well with Smaller Trellis. 


From your curtains to your pillows, patterns can be found everywhere. To make sure that you have the latest trends, be sure to check back weekly for new posts and ideas.