6 Tips When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a huge undertaking. With everything you have to get in order, there are a few often overlooked tips that you may not even consider when selling your home. To increase the likelihood of selling your house, we have created six things that you will want to try. We hope you enjoy and good luck! 


6 Tips When Selling Your Home


Don’t Under or Over Design Rooms

If a room looks empty, it can turn away buyers and if a room is too packed, it can also deter buyers. To increase your chances of selling your home, we recommend trying to maintain an appropriate balance of furniture. You will want to compliment the home’s architecture while having enough room to walk throughout the room. If you are having difficulties with the design aspect, your realtor can be a great resource. They see a lot of homes each day and know exactly what buyers want. Ask them for some basic staging advice and go from there.


Creating a Real Environment

Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home one day. Displaying fake items (photos, plants, & food) can seem staged and unwelcoming. Instead, you want to try and use the furniture and decor that you already own. This will help create a more homey feel and buyers will be able to imagine themselves living in your home. 


Don’t Showcase Small Items

An incorrect illusion that some homeowners try to create is placing small items in a room to make the room look bigger. This just tends to look awkward and it creates a pause in the design. Make sure you purchase furniture that is appropriately sized for the room. Again, if you need help, ask your realtor for assistance. 


Embrace a Strong Design

Overly committing to a design can actually do a disservice to you as a seller. Buyers should be able to see through your design to picture their stuff in your home. With an overpowering design, it could block their imagination and harm your selling potential. 


Don’t Shut Doors

While potential buyers are touring your home, you want to create an open environment. This can be done by opening all of your doors to let them flow from one room into the next. If you close your doors, you close the home’s design and your buyer could even potential miss any entire area of your home.


Spice it Up.

Do not get us wrong, a neutral color scheme is one of the most classic and well-sought after palettes for homeowners. Unfortunately, buyers believe that there can be a thing as too much neutral. To help differentiate your home from all the other houses, we recommend adding pops of color subtly throughout your home. Now, there is no need to go overboard with color and expensive items. Just a few items here and there will do the trick.