Top Ten Bathroom Colors

The colors you choose to incorporate in your bathroom can help set the overall tone and mood of the room. While there may be an array of different options, we have the top ten color choices for your bathroom this year. Let’s take a look: 

Top Ten Bathroom Colors

1. Light Gray

Amongst the most popular color choices is of course, gray. This neutral-toned color is the perfect transition shade for any space. Gray is a versatile color that works well with every other color out there. It helps to balance out the other colors to create perfect symmetry in your space.

2. Creamy White

If you are looking for something clean and classic, creamy white is for you. Creamy white is not the purest form of white; therefore, it helps to add some warmth back into the room. It mixes well with tans and beiges to create the ultimate cozy oasis. 

3. Taupe

Taupe is also another warm neutral choice for your bathroom. You can choose from light, medium or dark taupe for your space’s color scheme and each shade can create a warm, luxurious space. 

4. Pastel Blue

If you are a more colorful soul, pastel blue may be for you. Pastels have recently made their way back into homeowner’s hearts and we are struck by pastel blue for bathrooms. This dreamy color will help to brighten up your day as you get ready. It is perfect for homeowners looking for a little bit of color in their life. 

5. Charcoal.

Go bold or go home, right? If you are bold at heart, you may want to consider using charcoal. Charcoal is a rich color that emphasizes luxury and power all in one shade. If you are feeling extra bold, you could use charcoal on your walls to make a powerful statement.

6. Bluish-Gray.

Mixing two of the shades we already mentioned, gray and blue, you will get this beautiful color. This shade helps to add a little more color into the room than a neutral-tone will bring without being overly distracting. 

7. Seafoam Green

One of the most classic bathroom colors in history is seafoam green and it is making a clear comeback. Seafoam green is a unique color that embodies freshness and adds life to any space. If you are feeling fun, you may want to try seafoam green. 

8. Pure White

After talking about creamy white, we want to be sure to mention that pure white is also a perfect choice for bathrooms. No other color can embody this clean and straight-cut look quite like pure white. If you are up for the clean challenge, we suggest pure white. 

9. Greige

Greige is a mixture of the two most popular neutral tones: gray + beige. Greige has recently taken the design industry by storm with its appealing and attractive look. We love greige in bathrooms because it has a mixture of cool and warm tones to help homeowners who may struggle with incorporating colors. 

10. Blush

To finish off our list, we love the color blush. Blush is a soft, lovable pink that works in nearly every bathroom. Try pairing blush with whites and gray to create the perfect space.