5 Tricks to Make a Small Kitchen Look Spacious

Do you hate your small kitchen? While designing a small-sized kitchen can be a bit of a challenge, now is the time to implement clever design tricks to create a sense of openness while maximizing function. Here are some easy ways to get the most out of your small kitchen.
5 Tricks to Make a Small Kitchen Look Spacious
1. Consider An Island Cart.
The idea of a traditional island may sound appealing but if it is not realistic for the space that you are working with, we recommend opting for an open island cart. An island cart that is open on all sides is ideal because it provides a barely-there look while providing lots of useful storage area. If the island cart is movable, you can always push the cart against the counter when you need to navigate through the kitchen.
2. Floating Shelves
The floating shelves look is not a new concept. A trendy alternative to this solution is to install a few open shelves above your main wall of cabinets. This provides extra storage areas without boxing in the room’s sight lines. In addition, a floating shelf peninsula provides a great visual spot to place items and your family is free to grab items that they might need off of it.
3. Move The Kitchen Cabinets Higher.
Generally, upper kitchen cabinets start at least twenty inches above the counter; however, if your kitchen feels especially tiny, you can create a sense of openness by starting them 25-30 inches higher than normal. Believe it or not, the visual break in design can make a huge impact. You just may have to use a stool to reach inside of the cabinets.
4. A Mirrored Backsplash
Another way you can make a tiny kitchen feel spacious is to install a mirrored backsplash over the kitchen sink. If you do not have an open wall, the mirrored backsplash will give the illusion of more depth beyond the counters.
5. Contrasting Dark or Light
When it comes to making a kitchen feel larger, you may think using darker colors will have the opposite effect; however, contrasting with light and dark hues will have an optical effect that actually makes the kitchen seem larger than what it actually is. For instance, using shades of grey or brown against white countertops makes the wall visually recede.
We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks. Let us know what you think in the comment section.