Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Recessed Lighting

Whether you are making small updates in your living space or you are launching a full out remodel project, you cannot forget about your home’s lighting. A major lighting upgrade that you will want to make is to install recessed lights. They are used in the most well-lit homes across the country. Recessed lights, commonly referred to as downlights, are lighting fixtures that are installed into a hollow open in the ceiling. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing recessed lighting in your home. Let’s take a look!
Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Recessed Lighting:  
1. Adds a Dramatic Flair.
Many design professionals gravitate towards downlights because they instantly add drama to any space. By pushing the stream of light downward, it creates a spotlight effect that draws attention to a specific area. You can even use recessed lighting to highlight an architectural feature such as a fireplace or even a piece of artwork.
2. Makes a Space Seem Bigger.
You can use recessed lighting to make a room feel and look much more spacious. Since the downlights sit in a can concealed by the structure of the ceiling, there is nothing that is hanging downward to interrupt the visual space in the ceiling. Recessed lighting also creates an effect known as “wall washing”. Wall washing provides an even distribution of light from the floor to the ceiling. To create this effect, the downlight will need to have the right kind of trim installed on it. Also, the recessed lights will need to be correctly spaced apart. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the ceiling the further apart the lights need to be.
3. Creates Focused Lighting.
Pendant lighting and traditional lamps do not necessarily provide usable lights that reach the countertops and tables because the light stream tends to break up before it reaches its destination. Unlike ambient lighting sources, recessed lights excel greatly at illuminating specific areas and double height spaces.
4. Establishes Discreet Lighting.
Recessed lights are the most discreet lighting option. The size of downlights is becoming smaller and smaller due to modern technology. In fact, the standard recessed cans are about six inches and they are giving way to two/ three-inch cans. Such discreet lighting solutions create clean lines and streamlined look.
Where would you add recessed lighting in your home? We would love to hear in the comment section.