How to Decorate a Kid’s Bathroom

Sometimes, the design concept in a child’s bathroom can be overlooked. Homeowners spend a lot of their time trying to get their kid ready rather than focus on the room’s decor; however, we believe this room is an opportunity to express a creative design. A child’s bathroom can be a fun place for them to adventure off to before bedtime. If you reimagine your kid’s bathroom concept, you may even find that your child may get more excited about their daily bathroom routine. To help you create this fun oasis for your child, we have created five ideas! 

Children Bathroom Ideas

Idea #1: Taste The Rainbow.

Make your child’s bathroom come to life by featuring bright colors throughout the space. You can even incorporate your kid’s favorite color to help make the space personalized and special to them. Depending on your design preferences, you can make the room full of colors or add in subtle pops of color throughout the space. If you are looking for ideas to add color, we have six simple ideas for you: 

         1. Paint colorful cabinets. 

         2. Add colorful fixtures. 

         3. Embrace colorful decor. 

         4. Include a colorful rug. 

         5. Buy a colorful shower curtain.

         6. Purchase colorful robes and slippers. 

Idea #2: Repurpose

Before you go and purchase all new decor for your child’s bathroom, think about the items that you can repurpose. Old dressers, antique mirrors, and seating can all be repurposed into this space. Take a look around your home or even head to a local thrift shop to find unique items that can maximize your bathroom’s style and function. 

Idea #3: Little Ones in Mind

It is important to make sure that the bathroom’s space is geared towards your child’s height. Tall vanities can make getting ready for bed a little more difficult. To help with the height difference, you can add a mini stool in front of the sink. Plus, you can add storage that is well within in reach of your child for a quick nighttime routine. 

Idea #4: Get Cozy

You want your child to have some of the same luxuries of comfort as you do in your bathroom. Adding plush rugs and soft towels inside of space can instantly add comfort for an inexpensive price. 

Idea #5: #OrganizationalGoals

The organization is key in any bathroom. To help maximize the bathroom’s usability, add extra storage wherever possible with extra shelving, cubbies, and baskets or bins. 

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Be sure to check out our blog hub for more advice.