How to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

In a couple of weeks, your kitchen will be under a full renovation, what do you do? How do you begin to prepare for the weeks and possibly months ahead of you? To begin, we recommend following our easy seven-step system. This system will help prepare you for your kitchen remodel and get you in the right frame of mind. Enjoy!!

How to Prepare Before Your Kitchen is Remodeled

1. Create a Makeshift Kitchen.

You will want to take into consideration the essential items that you use on an everyday basis. Once you have collected your everyday items, you will want to move them into a makeshift kitchen. Place the temporary kitchen inside of a dust-free room that allows you to make food without the fear of getting dirt and debris in it. After you have moved your essential cooking items, you will want to create a checklist to make sure that you have not forgotten any important appliances. You want to have your makeshift kitchen up and running before construction starts. You may even want to try it out a couple of nights in advance to make sure that you did not forget anything. 

2. Clear Out Cabinets.

Before construction begins, you will want to clear out all of your cabinets. Place all of your items inside of boxes and, organize the boxes based off of their location in the kitchen. This will help save you time after the remodel is finished. 

3. Keep Similar Items Together.

Similar items will need to stay together (silverware, cooking utensils, etc.) This is another helpful hack for when you move your things back into the kitchen after the remodel. 

4. Remove Paperwork.

You will now want to remove all paperwork from your kitchen. This includes bills, homework, notes, and mail. Move all of your paperwork to a safe area like an office or front entryway. Once you have moved your papers, you will want to organize the area to make it more efficient. You can even add a calendar to make sure that you are on top of things. 

5. Take Away Refrigerator Artwork + Store It

If your refrigerator is covered in artwork and pictures, you will want to take them off and store them in a safe place. A remodel is the perfect time for a fresh start and clean fridge; therefore, we recommend storing them inside of scrapbooks to keep your memories close.

6. Cut Back on Groceries.

Once the remodel begins, you will want to cut back on groceries. You have a smaller (makeshift) kitchen that you will be using and less room for your usual grocery load. It may mean more trips to the grocery store, but this ensures that you will have the room for all of your items. 

7. Put Items Back Near Their Usable Location

After the remodel is finished, you can begin to place all of your items back into the kitchen. Be sure to place items near their designated location (ex: put pots and pans near the stove). This will make your kitchen more convenient for you and your family. 

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