Ten Must-Know Decorating Hacks

Decorating is an art. It is a whole expression of a person’s styles, preferences, and tastes. You may get stumped at times but designing is not as easy as they make it look on television. It takes time and knowledge; therefore, we have created a guide of ten must-know decorating hacks. These are the things that designers use every day to create a successful design. Let’s take a look! 

Ten Must-Know Decorating Hacks

1. Back To Basics.

Before you begin designing, you may find it helpful to establish your color scheme. Design experts recommend beginning with something basic. You can later build onto your original color scheme to create a more defined, well-rounded palette. 

2. Keep It On The Low

If you struggle with small ceilings, you can create the illusion of a larger space with low-sitting furniture. By placing low-sitting furniture inside of your room, your ceilings will instantly appear taller which in essence, will open up the space visually. 

3. Front & Center

We recommend investing in whatever your room’s focal point may be. Whether it is a gorgeous chandelier or a breathtaking fireplace, you want to rest assured that this piece is a showstopper. 

4. The Fairest of Them All. 

Mirrors are the number one decor piece. Not only are they stylish, but their function can help create a more open space. They reflect light and create a breezy atmosphere that is unmatched by any other decor piece. Try to place your mirrors on walls across from a window. This will ensure that the natural light is reflected throughout your space. 

5. Get Cozy

Decorating is not just about visuals; it is also about comfort. When decorating, be sure to focus on the comfort level given by a certain piece of furniture.

6. It’s All in The Texture

Homeowners veer away from the traditional nature of neutrals because they are often associated with words like “dull” or boring.” But we believe, when you add neutrals throughout texture, you can create a more visually stimulating process. For example, you can add neutrals in a texturized rug or patterned pillow to create a more alluring piece.

7. Make Sense

Believe it or not, your senses can play a vital role in a room’s decor. When you enter a space, you are immediately drawn or disengaged by its smell, visuals, feelings, etc. If senses inspire the way we see a space, should not we incorporate them into our decorating? By adding candles for smelling, soft blankets for touching and beautiful colors for seeing, you can create a more appealing environment for yourself and guests. Go ahead, give it a try. 

8. Mix + Match

From metals to fabrics, mixing and matching has become all the rage in 2018. By mixing and matching, you will create an intriguing visual environment. Just be sure that your items complement one another for optimal success. 

9. Solid Base. 

An area rug can be the foundation of the room. It can help pull together an entire design without overbearing or weighing down the visual aspects. When adding an area rug, you want to pull from colors used through the room. This will help to tie together the piece throughout your overall design. Also, do not be afraid to add an area rug over carpet. The key to adding a rug over carpet is to make sure it is a different texture and color. This will help to visually separate the pieces. 

10. See-Through

Lastly, glass furniture can be a genius hack for homeowners looking to create an open environment. The illusion provided by the see-through furniture helps to make the room feel more open and bigger. 

We hope you enjoyed these decorating hacks! Be sure to check back weekly for more expert ideas and tips.